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10 Essays About Canada

Writing an essay about the North America Country whether as an Expatriate, or a college application will not just assist you in getting a full knowledge of the country but also the activity can be quite exciting.  
It is no longer news that Canada is a cultural hub having its traditions, culture, and history. It is widely known for its bubbling art scene, attention-grabbing architecture, exciting live theater, and of course, the world-renowned festivals held in high esteem by dignitaries across the world. 

Little wonder why about 35 million people travel to the country annually to relish the numerous opportunities this country offers but sadly, most of them barely know anything about Canada. 

Well, if you are a college student applying to study in Canada, after deciding on where you want to study, the next line of action is the application process which you may be required to write a college application Essay concerning Canada. Here comes the essence of this article, if you correctly follow the primary principles and tips listed in this article, know that your college application essay will stand out amongst others.

A brief description of the 10 Essays about Canada

In this article, we have taken out time to create a list of useful Essays about Canada and this will give you a summary of the countries and their cultures. Do you wish to expand your knowledge about Canada, or write an essay about the country? We have discussed below a wide range of topics you can select from and start writing! Well, even if you do not need to write, you can enjoy every bit of your reading.

1. What Makes Canada exceptional?

One of the distinct things about Canada is its beautiful scenery. It harbors a wide range of beautiful mountain ranges, shining blue lakes, and thick stretches of pristine forest.

Quick Essay Writing Tips

Do you desire to write an essay on what makes Canada an exceptional country? 

  • You can commence with background information on the topic 
  • Endeavor to make your Essay a little extra and exciting by adding some fun facts about Canada that makes it unique

2. Cultural Diversity of Canada

Canada is a cultural melting pot because it is a multicultural nation. This implies that people in Canada are not from just one cultural background, race, or heritage instead they hail from various countries of origin and cultural background. 

It is an interesting thing to write about the Cultural Diversity of Canada because it will assist you to understand the different cultures in Canada and where they originated from.

Quick Essay Writing Tips

If for any reason you are asked to write essays about Canada  especially on this topic, the subtopics you should add are,

  • Why is Canada described as a multicultural country?
  • The diverse ethnic origins in Canada
  • The diverse cultures in Canada

3. Canada harbors the top six cities in the World 

Among the top 100 best cities in the world according to this 2021 World’s Best Cities Report, and as stated by some famous travel guides, lies six Canadian cities.

Below are the six best Canadian cities in the world as stated earlier, they include:

  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Montreal
  • Edmonton
  • Ottawa

4.  Canada is known to be the best country to reside 

Canada has over time proven to be one of the best places to reside. The country is a beauty to behold as a result of the numerous natural resources, spaces, and a wide range of populations. In Canada, there are a variety of employment opportunities, and Canadians are known to be hospitable thereby making it easy for ex-pats to adapt.

Quick Essay Writing Tips

An essay of this type should be persuasive, therefore we advise that you go through the recent surveys and rankings to find supporting evidence you will use to back your claims. 

5.  Canadian music culture. 

It may interest you to know that the Canadian music industry is the 6th largest across the globe such that uncountable internationally renowned artists have been produced by the industry. 

Quick Essay Writing Tips

This is yet another topic you can write on, and if you are drawn to this Essay topic, all you need to do is to study about well-known Canadian singers and musicians because this will help you in writing this topic.

6. Traditional Canadian food

Traditional Canadian food is another thing that makes Canada an interesting place to stay. Below are some of the well-known Canadian dishes, and they include,

  • Canadian Bacon
  • Poutine
  • Nanaimo Bars
  • Butter Tarts
  • Maple Syrup, and so on

7. The Top Five places in Canada.

Aside from the high level of hospitality shown by Canadians, Canada is generally a beautiful place to be, all thanks to the high employment opportunities, tourist centers, great housing, and lots more.

That being said, each Canadian city has its peculiarities therefore, you must watch out for certain things before deciding on where to visit or even reside in Canada just to verify which of the cities is most suitable for your lifestyle and budget.  

Quick Essay Writing Tips

If this is the essay topic you wish to write, we recommend that you search for the 5 Best Cities in Canada to gather more information.

8. Canada’s National Gallery

Located in Ontario, the capital city of Ottawan is Canada’s national art museum.  This museum is known to be one of the largest art museums in North America as a result of its space for exhibition (12,400 square meters (133,000 sq ft) contained in its building that takes up to 46,621 square meters

Quick Essay Writing Tips

Truthfully, this is one essay topic people would love to read therefore make sure you do justice to the topic by reading more to gather more information that will assist you in writing impressive essays about Canada.

9. Well-known Canadian who made a difference.

We cannot conclude this article without mentioning some popular Canadians who left a remarkable print in the world as a result of either their inventions, craft, or words. There are a good number of them but below are some of the Canadians worth mentioning,

  • Viola Desmond
  • Terry Fox
  • Nellie McClung
  • Clara Hughes
  • Tommy Douglas. 

10. Hockey in Canada culture

Canada is the home of the Sport of ice hockey and it was played initially on March 3, 1875, in Montreal.

Quick Essay Writing Tips

Below are the sub-topics you should highlight when writing this essay:

  • The History of Hockey game
  • Fun facts about Hockey as regards Canadian culture
  • The effect of Hockey on Canada Culture

Summarily, we have given you about 10 essay topics you can write on, it is left for you to choose as many as you can. Do not forget to let us know the one you will love to read or write.

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