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All You Need To Know About 0-2 Visa for Assistants of 0-1 Visa Holders

Anybody who can work as an assistant to a 0-1 visa holder is expected to apply for a 0-2 visa which is a non-immigrant visa. 

Nevertheless, it is good you know that it is not every 0-1 visa holder that is permitted to bring their assisting staff or personnel such as those in the field of educational,  business, or science, instead, it is only available to those who are into Television, film, motion pictures, or athletics.

You may be wondering who an 0-1 visa holder is, he/she is someone known to have an extraordinary ability in any field ranging from art, science, business, education, motion pictures to television, and his/her ability must be recognized nationally or internationally. 

Sometimes, they tend to need as much assistance as they can get to make sure things are the way they should be and this is the essence of the 0-2 visa holders.

Interestingly, your spouse, dependent children, or any other member of your family is permitted to follow you as a 0-2 visa holder, you just have to file a 0-3 visa for them but must prove that you both are related. 

What can you make out from all we have said? It is simply that the petition and approval of the 0-2 visa depend hugely on the 0-1 visa because the 0-2 visa holder is connected directly to the 0-1 visa holder and the same employer sponsoring the 0-1 visa holder does same for the 0-2 visa holder.

What are the requirements for the 0-2 Visa Application?

First and foremost, you ought to understand and have full knowledge of the skill the 0-1 holder possess and is important personnel willing to be of great help to the 0-1 visa holder.

You need to show proof that you have a permanent resident elsewhere in your home country because the position you occupy is a temporary one. 

The US employers recognize the fact that these 0-1 visa holders are highly talented and they are always busy, therefore, an assistant is needed for maximum productivity. 

It means that the assistant has to be highly valuable to the career and contributes to the success of the 0-1 visa holders and not be a barrier to that success. Interestingly, the 0-2 visa holder can decide to register to study as a part-time student in the United States aside from working for the 0-1 visa holder.

Below are the necessary requirements you need to present for the 0-2 Visa Application and they include;

  • As an 0-2 applicant, you must be an important part of the 0-1 performance working towards the success of the 0-1 performance.
  • In order to fit into the position of an assistant to a 0-1 visa holder, you have to be familiar with his skills and have to be knowledgeable in the area of the said skills.
  • Even if it is a related art, you are only permitted to work for someone who has a valid 0-1 visa and no other jobs.
  • In addition to this, you must present proof that you are prepared to work in the United States independently and also show proof that you permanently reside in a country that is not the United States.

How can you apply for the 0-2 Visa?

For you to apply for the 0-2 visa, there are numerous steps you can take, nevertheless, the employer must, first of all, go through the initial step of the application before the employee takes over from him/her in the US Embassy in his/her home country.

The first step is to file the Employment Petition

As we already know, the first step is taken by the US employer who is hiring the 0-1 and 0-2 visa holders. Nevertheless, the employer has to fill and complete Form 1-129 and also the application for Non-immigrant workers for the 0-2 visa application which will be submitted to the USCIS. 

Failure to file this form, the 0-2 visa holder will not be eligible to reside and work to assist the 0-1 visa holder in the United States. 

When the employer has completed filling the Form I-129,  the USCIS should receive it within the next 45days or 6months, please ensure that it does not exceed 6 months before the employment has been set. 

The fee to be paid for filing this petition is not static because it differs each year and the fee is usually determined by the USCIS. It is the responsibility of the employer to pay any fee that has to do with petitioning.

In addition to this, it is expected of the employer to submit proof that you are the most suitable person for the job and that you have first-hand knowledge, experience, and skills needed in the art shown by the 0-1 visa holder.

Below is the way this proof should be presented:

  • You must submit an opinion letter issued by either an organization or peer group of which you are a member and they must be certified. This opinion letter is what serves as a  surety indicating that you are eligible for the job and you are the best person for the position that is why a statement saying that you are qualified both in skills and experience and there is no employee in the US that can replace you or be as efficient as you are must be included. In addition to this, the letter also describes your skills, experience, knowledge, and the relationship you have with the 0-1 visa holder.
  • You are obligated to show the contract you have between yourself and the 0-1 visa holder, before the time the US employer sent in your application. It could be in a written or oral form but a written contract is always better for the sake of proper documentation. In a situation whereby it is an oral contract, you have to present a summary of what was said. 
  • You must also present an adequate description of your job including dates of work, events to be attended and any other thing required of you to carry out as your duties which were given to you. 
  • In addition to this, the documents sent to the USCIS will be properly evaluated after the US employer has sent the petition to them. It is then that the USCIS will reach a decision whether to approve or dismiss the petition but if it gets accepted, the employer can proceed to get Form 1-797 which states the notice of action meaning that the employee can commence with the procedure in his resident country at the United States Embassy.

The second step is to file Form DS-160

Form DS-160 is best described as an online form filled for all United States non-immigrant visas which require you to give needed information concerning your background and your reason for visiting the United States.  You will be issued a confirmation page and code when you are done filling it, that is what you will include in your documents and send to the embassy.

The third step you should take is to pay the Visa Fee in full

Depending on the country you are applying for, you have to commence to pay the visa fee and any other related fee and you must pay the fee before you are permitted to proceed with your application. That being said, ensure that for each payment, you get a receipt which will be attached to your documents that will be submitted to the embassy.

The fourth step is to schedule and attend your Interview

This is another process that all Nonimmigrant US visa applicants are expected to pass through. The venue for this interview is usually at the US Embassy in your home country.

Moreover, you have to schedule for the interview first before you can get invited but we advise you to do that immediately to mitigate delay of any form. When you successfully schedule the interview, you will receive a confirmation letter for the interview and you must bring it along with you on the interview day.

This is the stage whereby staff will confirm the information you have on your application after which your visa application may be given final approval or unfortunately, rejected. We will like to reiterate that there are certain documents that you have to get ready before going for the interview,  and they are:

  • Bring with you a valid passport photograph.
  • You have to present your confirmation code for DS 160
  • You must submit a picture that meets the standard of the picture requirements from the Embassy.
  • Your interview confirmation letter as we earlier stated
  • Attach proof that you have paid all the necessary fees to have in full by providing receipts.
  • Provide the Form I-797
  • Show proof of contract with the 0-1 visa holder, which could be either oral or written as we earlier mentioned.
  • You have to provide evidence or documents to back up your claim of having the unique skills and knowledge required to assist the 0-1 visa holder during the period he or she does his job in the country.
  • Provide evidence indicating that upon completion of your job duration in the United States, you have intentions of returning to your home country. The contact information of the members of your family, a contract of employment in your resident country, or even a property deed are the things that must be included in the document amongst others.
  • If you need to bring along with you a family member, you must file for a 0-3 dependency visa petition while presenting proof of Relationship with the said family member.

In conclusion, we believe that information is powerful, and all we have just done is to equip you with the information you need about the 0-2 visa for assistant 0-1 visa holders, if you fall under this category and you want to apply for a visa, we hope that this article gives you all the necessary guidance that you need. 

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