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All You Need To Know About Human Resource Assistant

Who is an HR Assistant? A Human Resources Assistant can be best described as a person employed to assist human resources staff with a wide range of administrative tasks. Scheduling appointments, filing HR meetings and information about employees, selecting new staff members, to mention but a few are the duties of an HR assistant.

What is expected of an HR Assistant (duties and responsibilities)?

An HR Assistant offers a wide range of services around the office. They serve as the middle man when it comes to resolving conflicts between managers and employees. In addition to this, they carry out surveys to ascertain employee satisfaction, interpret results, and investigate means through which employees can be motivated, and make companies more appealing to potential applicants. 

Below we have taken time to list the duties and responsibilities of an HR Assistant:

  • He/she analyzes the performance evaluations of the members of staff and other reports and then, summarizes and submits his or her findings to the HR Managers and HR Directors.
  • He/she brings to the knowledge of employees who need to further their education or undergo on-the-job training about upcoming classes or deadlines to renew their  licenses or certifications
  • He/she offers a form of assistance to HR Managers and HR Directors when deciding what salaries to offer to new employees.
  • He/she provides answers to any questions employees may have and records complaints.
  • He or she with the help of software keeps track of the hours employees work and the tasks they have completed.
  • He or she executes company programs such as bonuses or rewards for top performers targeted at boosting their morale.
  • He or she is responsible for inputting data into HR databases
  • He or she keeps track of the attendance of employees and how they use their days off work 

Furthermore, it is the duty of HR Assistants to ensure that human resources or personnel departments operate sleekly. Aside from conducting background and reference checks, they also assist other HR staff members to evaluate applicants, booking interviews, and keep those files organized. 

They are the watchdogs of every organization, making sure that they assist human resources departments to ensure that all staff complies with safety, health, and other regulations, rate employee performance, and ensure employees are treated as they should. Moreover, they assist in drafting company policies to enhance productivity.

What are the skills and qualifications of an HR Assistant?

There are certain qualities that are synonymous with a successful HR Assistant; friendliness, politeness, and professionalism. This set of people have the ability to work with different people and personalities and stay calm while taking note of complaints and tackling other stressful situations. 

Below are the top skills and qualifications every HR Assistant should possess:

  • He or she must have excellent writing skills as well as good communication skills
  • He or she must have an outstanding organization, ability to manage time, and pay attention to details
  • Good typing and data entry skills are of utmost importance
  • He/she must have a detailed knowledge of employment laws
  • He or she must be conversant with HR software

What are the experience requirements of an HR Assistant?

The experience to look out for when employing an HR Assistant is someone who has experience in the clerical or administrative field. Nevertheless, a candidate with HR experience in the same industry will likely be the most suitable person for the position. Although someone who has zero experience, but is motivated can quickly learn the basics on the job and work alongside other experienced employees.
As for the educational and training requirements of an HR Assistant, a high school diploma or GED is of great importance basically. However, having a bachelor’s degree in human resources, personnel management, personnel administration, business administration or an associated field is an additional advantage. It is necessary that as an employer, you offer hired candidates on-the-job training as well for better productivity.

What should an HR Assistant expect as remuneration?

Generally, the average pay for an HR Assistant according to Indeed Salaries is $18.78 hourly. Nevertheless, the salary varies and it depends on location, education levels and experience, and of course, the hiring company.

General Questions About An HR Assistant

Can you define what a typical day is like for an HR Assistant?

A typical HR Assistant spends his or her day either renewing employee records, writing reports, organizing files, or investigating the performance of employees. You can find some of them in offices, although most of them work from home. Once in a while, they make trips to visit worksites and record conversations they have between employees and HR members of staff. 

Is there any difference between an HR Assistant and an HR Generalist, if yes, what is it?

Actually, an HR Generalist is in a higher position than an HR Assistant when it comes to ranking. The duties of the former are clearly different from the latter thereby making both positions different. While an HR Assistant focuses on taking care of administrative tasks for the human resources department and offers assistance to HR Generalists, it is the responsibility of an HR Generalist to resolve conflicts between employees and management. Furthermore, HR Assistants work under their supervision, and most times, HR Assistants are promoted to HR Generalists depending on how good they are.

What is the workflow chart look like for the HR department?

The organizational charts in most HR departments are that HR Assistants report directly to HR Managers, and they in turn report to an HR Director. An HR Assistant adheres to the instructions of an HR Generalist and other HR staff members. In other words, they work directly with employees in every department of a firm. At the beginning of their career, they usually work under the supervision of a mentor in the field.

How do you describe an informative HR Assistant job description?

For you to say that the job description of an HR Assistant is informative, it must include a summary of the company’s values, culture, and concise history. Talk about the skills, experience, and education required of an HR Assistant position including information concerning the current employees at a company and the sort of people that the company expects you to hire as an HR Assistant. Do not forget to mention the benefits that come with the HR Assistant position 9if any) such as vacation time or health insurance, as this will attract more candidates.

In conclusion, we have exhausted all there is to know about HR Assistant, the roles, responsibilities, academic qualifications, ranking, and the qualities expected of a typical HR Assistant.

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