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America Visa Sponsorship Program Application To Study, Work, Live in USA

If you wish to study, work, live in America via a sponsorship program then this article is for you. America visa sponsorship program is real and free and easy to apply once you meet the requirements needed.

I will provide you with all the information you need to study, work, live in the USA under the America visa sponsorship program

Generally, sponsorship means the sponsor is taking the responsibility to take care of the visitor.

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Although you have to be eligible as a visa applicant, having a qualified sponsor can increase your chances of getting the visa.

With the help of the diversity immigrant visa program agency, it is possible and free to study, work and live in the USA.

The DV program which is the lottery or referred to as the green card lottery helps diversify the immigrants in the United States.

They select applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration.

Diversity Visa Program is one of the programs formed by the US government that randomly picks and offers visa sponsorship to work, study, live in the USA with a green card. 

This lottery is open to a lot of foreigners to migrate for greener pastures.

Benefits of America Visa Sponsorship Program

There are a lot of benefits in having visa sponsorship apart from not having to hide from government authorities by doing low paying odd jobs; some are:

  • You get to live in America as a citizen and your family can go over
  • You get to study in America with sponsorship and reduced school fees
  • You get to work at a high paying job there permanently

Countries That Are Eligible For America Visa Sponsorship Program

Not all countries are eligible to apply for visa sponsorship to America meaning the citizens are automatically disqualified.

List of countries that can participate in the visa sponsorship program to the USA:

  • Asian Countries includes: 

Afghanistan and Bahrain,

Bhutan and Brunei,

 Burma and Cambodia,

 East Timor and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 

Indonesia and Iran, 

Iraq and Israel,

Japan and Jordan,

Kuwait and Laos,

 Lebanon and Malaysia, 

Maldives and Mongolia, 

Nepal, and North Korea, 

Oman and Qatar, 

Saudi Arabia and Singapore, 

Sri Lanka and Syria, 

Taiwan and Thailand, 

The United Arab Emirates and Yemen

  • African Countries includes

 Algeria and Angola, 

The Central African Republic and Chad, 

Benin and Botswana, 

Cameroon and Burkina Faso, 

Burundi and Cape Verde, 

Comoros and Congo,   

Libya and Madagascar, 

Malawi and Mali, 

Mauritania and Mauritius, 

Namibia and Niger, 

Morocco and Mozambique, 

Nigeria and Rwanda, 

Sao Tome and Principe and Senegal and Djibouti, 

Egypt and Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), 

Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea, 

Gabon and Ethiopia, 

The Gambia and Ghana, 

Kenya and Lesotho, 

Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, 

Seychelles and Sierra Leone, 

Somalia and South Africa, 

Togo and Tunisia, 

South Sudan and Sudan, 

Swaziland and Tanzania, 

Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

  • European Countries includes

Albania and Andorra,

Armenia and Belgium,

Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Bulgaria and Croatia,

Cyprus and the Czech Republic,

Denmark and Estonia,

Finland and France,

Georgia and Germany,

Greece and Hungary,

Iceland and Ireland,

Italy and Kazakhstan,

Kosovo and Kyrgyzstan,

Latvia and Liechtenstein,

Lithuania and Luxembourg,

Macau Special Administrative Region,

Macedonia and Austria,

Azerbaijan and Belarus,

Malta and Moldova,

Monaco and Montenegro,

The Netherlands and Northern Ireland,

Norway and Poland,

Portugal and Romania,

Russia and San Marino,

Serbia and Slovakia,

Slovenia and Spain,

Tajikistan and Turkey,

Sweden and Switzerland,

Turkmenistan and Ukraine,

Uzbekistan and Vatican City

  • Great Britain Countries includes

Anguilla and Bermuda,

The British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands,

The Falkland Islands and Gibraltar,

Montserrat and Pitcairn,

St. Helena and Turks,

Caicos Islands

  • The Caribbean, Oceania and North, South, Central America Countries which includes

           Australia and Fiji and The Bahamas,  

          Kiribati and Mars,

          Micronesia, Federated States of Nauru,

          New Zealand and Palau,

          Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands,

          Tonga and Tuvalu,

          Vanuatu and Islands

Eligibility Requirements For America Visa Sponsorship Program

Before you apply for the visa sponsorship program, you have to be eligible if not your application will be disqualified. To be considered eligible:

  • You have to be able to show proof that once your visa sponsorship expires you would leave the country.
  • You should have a high school education certificate 
  • You should have financial proof that you can provide for yourself
  • You should have at least 2 years of working experience
  •  You should have a valid international passport
  • You should be a citizen of eligible countries

If you are eligible to apply for the visa sponsorship program, you’ll also need to meet the US Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) as well.

America Visa Sponsorship Program Application

This lottery program held by the US government helps more than 50,000 immigrants into America every year.

Applicants who apply for Diversity Visa (DV) but do not have the required education or training will not qualify for the visa sponsorship.

All applications must be submitted electronically. Applicants can apply for the diversity lottery visa at the DV website.

There is no fee to be paid when applying only the winners of the DV lottery pay and they pay directly to the US embassy or consulate.

The DV lottery forms normally come out in early October or November every year and that is when you can apply.

When you are registering for the lottery, you should print out and save your confirmation page and your unique confirmation code to keep on checking your status. If this code is lost or misplaced, even the embassy cannot replace it.

The lottery form asks questions about your country of birth or eligibility, your spouse and children, or stepchildren.

Once you have been approved, you will be able to use your unique confirmation code to see if your entry was selected via the Entrant Status Check website.

While applying online; follow this process:

  • Maintain one profile
  • Use correct and legal details
  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Use the recommended document format such as PDF or DOC
  • Review the application for errors before final submission
  • Use an active email address

If you are selected as a winner in the visa sponsorship lottery, the Department of State will notify you on when to apply for a visa.

Then you can apply for the visa at the US embassy or consulate and schedule an interview.

Document Requirement For America Visa Sponsorship Program

Once you have been selected for the visa sponsorship program, you will apply for the visa at the US embassy or consulate.

Before the interview, some documents needed to be prepared because the consular officer would have to go through them before your visa can be approved.

 These documents are:

  • Valid international passport
  • 2 recent photographs
  • Interview appointment print out
  • DS-260 confirmation page
  • Proof of work experience
  • Education certificate
  • Bank statement
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Court and prison records
  • Military records if applicable
  • Police certificate
  • Medical examination and vaccination
  • Photocopy of valid passport biographic data page

If all goes well from the visa sponsorship to the visa interview, then you will get your visa issued. Your DV lottery visa will be in your passport. Soon you’ll be able to study, work and live in the USA through the America visa sponsorship program.

Have a great day.

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