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America Work Visa Program For International And Africa Citizens Application

Depending on the kind of work you are seeking and the experience you have already, there are different work visas available for foreigners who are looking for employment in America.

There are so many American work visa programs to explore in this article.

Before you rush to apply for a work visa, the work visa program depends on the type of employment you are seeking.

Some other factors affecting the work visa program could include if you have a relationship with the employer, how long will you be in America, and what skills or experience do you have to perform the job.

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If you are interested in working in America, you must obtain a work visa and they are of two types; Temporary work visa and Permanent work visa.

Temporary Work Visa Program

If you are planning to work in America for a temporary period of time, this work visa program is best for you. 

This work visa takes 5 to 7 months to be processed by the United States of America ar application.

The most common temporary work visa program in America includes:

  • H-1B Work Visa

This is a temporary work visa program that allows international and African citizens to work within special occupations in America.

Most applicants under the H-1B work visa program are highly educated with university degrees and have high skills. They are skilled workers.

High education is not always necessary because some H-1B work visas can be granted to applicants who have little education but lots of experience. 

  • E Visa

This work visa program is available only for treaty traders and treaty investors.

E work visa is only issued to countries where there is a treaty between the foreign national country and America.

The E-1 or treaty trader visa is a non-immigrant work visa for citizens in countries that America has a treaty of commerce with.

Although not all countries are eligible, some business owners may qualify if they meet several criteria.

The E-2 work visa program is available if you want to start a business in America or invest in an already existing American business.

  • L Visa

This work visa program is available if you wish to expand your business to America or you are transferred to a business location in America. 

  • O-1 Visa

This work visa program is for individuals with extraordinary skills and abilities in arts, science, athletics, or education, or those who have records of extraordinary performance in the Motion Picture and Television Industry.

Such persons have to also be acknowledged and identified domestically and internationally for their excellence.

The O-1A visa is for people with extraordinary skills in science, business, education, or athletics.

The O-1B visa is intended for people in the television or motion picture industry.

The O-2 visa is for people that will assist the O-1 visa holders for a program in America.

The O-3 visa is for either the spouse or children of an O-1 or O-2 visa holder.

  • H-2A Visa

This is a non-immigrant work visa for temporary or seasonal agricultural workers to enter into America in order to work in the agricultural sector.

Temporary agricultural workers are those with jobs that take less than a year to complete but the maximum stay is 3 years.

  • H-3 Visa

This work visa program allows foreigners to be in America for the period of time iot takes to receive special training or education.

You must either be a trainee or special education exchange visitor to obtain the H-3 visa.

An H-3 trainee receives special training in agriculture, commerce, finance, government, and other professions.1

  • P Visa

This type of work visa is issued to certain athletes and entertainers who are coming to America to perform in a show or program.

  • R Visa

This visa is for foreigners seeking to enter America to work in a religious capacity on a temporary basis. 

Religious workers are persons authorized to conduct religious worship and workers engaged in religious vocation or occupation.

  • Q Visa

This visa is required if you are traveling to America to participate in an international cultural exchange program working in partnership with your home country..

You must have a petition filed and submitted on your behalf by the program sponsor and the petition must be approved by USCIS.

Permanent Work Visa Program

This work visa program allows you to live and work permanently in America. 

This visa program takes about 6 to 33 months to be processed and for your employment-based green card to be available.

 There are different categories of permanent work visas such as:

  • EB-1 Visa

This work visa or EB-1green card is only for priority workers looking to live in America.

For you to be eligible, you need to have an extraordinary ability or be an outstanding professional and researcher, or a multinational manager and executive.

  • EB-2 Visa

This work visa is available for foreigners with advanced degrees and exceptional abilities.

For professionals with advanced degrees or persons with exceptional ability in science, arts, or business.

This work visa is within the Immigration Act for those interested in America permanent work residence.

  • EB-3 Visa

This visa is a permanent residence work visa and is available for skilled, unskilled, and professional workers.

Workers that are competent, skilled, and professional or unskilled workers can obtain EB-3 green cards.

  • EB-4 Visa

This is an immigrant visa that is available for exceptional immigrants. Exceptional immigrants include religious workers and ministers, special immigrant juveniles, certain retired international organization employee, persons recruited outside America who have served or is enlisted in the US Armed Forces.

  • EB-5 Visa

This work visa is available for immigrant investors and is within the Immigration Act to attract foreign capital to America and create jobs in the process.

The Immigrant investor is entitled to apply for US permanent residence work visa.

 Steps in Work Visa Program Application

1. The Employer Should get Labour Certification Approval

If you are applying for a permanent work visa, your sponsoring employer should get a labor certification approval from the Department of Labour which states that no qualified American writers are available to do the job.

2. The Employer should File A Petition With USCIS

Once the labor certificate is approved, the employer should file Form 1-140, the Immigrant petition for alien worker, with the US Citizenship and National Immigration Services (USCIS).

3. USCIS Sends Petition To NVC

After the petition has been approved by USCIS, it is sent to National Visa Center (NVC). And they begin the pre-processing of the applicant’s case.

4. Apply For Visa

Now you know the different types of visas available, you can now go-ahead to the US embassy or consulate and apply for the appropriate visa.

Go For The Visa Interview

If you apply for H, L, O, P, Q, R, or EB visas, while going to the interview you must submit:

  • Valid International Passport with at least 6 months beyond the expiration of your stay in the U.S
  • Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application Form DS-160
  • A 2”×2” professional photo

Other supporting documents include but are not limited to:

  • Interview appointment letter
  • Resume or CV
  • Payslips from most current place of employment
  • Names and phone numbers of managers at your present and previous place of employment

The steps involved in applying for a work visa once you know the different work visa programs available becomes easier and simpler. I hope this article helped you in obtaining a work visa to America.

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