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Best Places to Live in Montreal – Montreal Neighborhood.

Are you looking forward to moving to Montreal or owning a home?

You may be wondering what it feels like to stay in a Montreal neighborhood.

The city is known to be the second-largest in Canada with about 1,704,694 citizens.

Montreal is known for its vast nightlife, Economic activities, its industries from fashion, tourism, film, and art industries.

Deciding on the neighborhood to live in this big city, could be quite difficult but know that Montreal neighborhoods have their uniqueness and Charms.

Below is a breakdown of the best places to live in the Montreal neighborhood :

1. Plateau-Mont-Royal Neighborhood:

This neighborhood has the right community feel and a whole lot of cultural heritage, filled with fun and the prettiest neighborhood.

The neighborhood is bi-lingual as people who reside in the neighborhood speak either English or French.

The neighborhood is known as a student-friendly neighborhood full of classy Townhouses, cafes, eateries, bars, galleries, and art theaters.

There are semi-detached homes, single homes in the neighborhood.

One of the advantages of living in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood is its easy accessibility means of transportation with walking, biking, or bus.

The cost of living is also affordable in this neighborhood.

If you enjoy cycling, enjoying outdoor recreational activities, as well as drinking exquisite French wine in bistros, Plateau Mont-Royal is the perfect place for you.

2. Outremont Neighborhood:

If you want a posh and tranquil 

neighborhood, Outremont is definitely the best choice of the neighborhood to live in. The neighborhood is a family-friendly neighborhood. It’s no surprise that so many families choose to settle here.

Outremont is an affluent residential neighborhood filled with mansions and luxurious homes which cost a lot. 

The neighborhood has beautiful parks like Jeanne-Mance Park at the foot of Mount Royal.

 The streets of the Outremont neighborhood are well maintained, the parks are splendidly landscaped, there are well-renowned schools, and the businesses are well supported by the residents, and therefore booming.

The neighborhood also had the city’s most standard schools. The easiest means of transportation is walking as you could get to any part of town.

Life in the neighborhood, vivacious but peaceful, maybe a bit grandiloquent, is organized around.

3. Old Montreal:

Old Montreal, is a historic neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Montreal and also the liveliest.

 The neighborhood has beautiful old buildings, including the almost 200-year-old Notre Dame Basilica. 

 The neighborhood is mostly inhabited by young professionals rather than families.

There are many fashion shops, classy restaurants, and little cafés.

With all this history, beau, culture, and architecture, rent can be expensive but isn’t living in a historic district priceless?

4. Saint-Henri:

This neighborhood has a lot of job opportunities and it’s the perfect Montreal neighborhood for young professionals to live in 

The neighborhood is known for its rich industrial past.

The neighborhood is extremely safe whether night or day.

This vibrant, and energetic hood has beautiful parks & architecture, public markets, and great places to eat, drink and shop. Saint-Henri neighborhood is the perfect place to live in.

St-Henri has different architectural structures greater than any neighborhood in the city. Mostly art-deco buildings, Merchants’ mansions, and worker row houses.

5. The Village:

The Village neighborhood is not only a famed nightlife spot but a close-knit residential community.

This neighborhood is also known as the gay village as it comprises the LGBT community.

This neighborhood in Montreal is filled with its ancient architecture and cultural richness.

antique dealers and art galleries attract more and more people to the neighborhood.

 The village neighborhood is great for any LGBTQ person. It has next to no hate crimes and being gay is generally anecdotal to other people.

6. Villeray:

The Villeray neighborhood is a family-friendly neighborhood and also one of the trendiest in Montreal.

It has a wide range of residential streets, restaurants, shops, and cafes.

The Villeray is one of Montreal’s best-connected neighborhoods to live in. With strong neighborly vibes, the nightlife scene around these parts may be small, but the bars you find in and near Villeray have got it going on. 

 The neighborhood has a home for every lifestyle and budget making it an ideal neighborhood to live in.

7. Ville Marie:

The Ville Marie neighborhood is mainly for those whose preference is to have a home situated in the core of downtown, then the Ville Marie neighborhood would best suit your needs. 

This central neighborhood is filled with so many things to do! The neighborhood attraction site which is very popular is Place Ville Marie – a large shopping mall with more than 75 restaurants and plenty of high-quality shops and stores.

The neighborhood is also home to Montreal’s arena and stadium, Ville-Marie leads Montreal’s central business district and numerous companies.

8. RoseMont:

This neighborhood is largely inhabited by families with children. It is indeed the right neighborhood to bring up your kids.

The housing rent is also affordable with lots of green spaces for kids to enjoy.

9. The South Shore:

The South Shore is popular among families because of its cheaper home prices.  It also has lower crime rates compared to other areas in Montreal. It has peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, and smaller towns where you get to know everyone.

10. Côte-Des-Neiges:

This neighborhood represents one of Montreal’s most energetic and diverse communities with large numbers of students and new immigrant families from all over the world. 

The neighborhood is also known for its spacious houses, good schools and mostly attracts Families to live in the neighborhood as it is family-friendly, sociable, and calm.

The neighborhood also has a lot of recreational activities and cultural heritage.

11. GriffinTown:

This neighborhood is absolutely the best to live in for families or individuals who want an Urban lifestyle.

The neighborhood is well oriented because of the parks, bicycles pathways playgrounds, and community entertainment

There are a lot of Condo homes in the Griffin town neighborhood going for lower rates which makes the cost of living less expensive.

The neighborhood is known for its wonderful dining experiences as it has lots of chefs not just chefs but international chefs

The Griffin town neighborhood is really unique.

This article has covered quite a number of the best neighborhoods to live in Montreal

There’s no simple answer to which of the Neighborhoods you can live in but there is an option for everyone in Montreal.

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