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Biometrics For Immigration To Canada.

 Are you planning to immigrate to Canada?

Many persons immigrating to Canada are either Students, permanent residents, visiting, or working.

Before Migrating to Canada and during Visa Application there are several processes to go through one of which Is the Biometric Process before their application may be processed and approved.

What Is Biometrics?

Biometrics are the biological measurement or physical characteristics to identify an individual.

It is used to create a detailed record of a person which could be face recognition, Fingerprint mapping, Hand geometry, Ear shape, Voice recognition, DNA matching, etc.

Biometrics For Immigration To Canada.

The Canadian government has made biometrics an entry to Canada during the application process.

The regulations on biometrics for immigration to Canada have changed over recent months and years, so it’s important to get the latest information on who needs to provide biometrics, and where to provide the biometrics.

Immigration Applicants from the continent like(Europe, Africa, and the Middle East) became subject to the Canadian biometric enrolment requirements effective July 31, 2018.

While immigration Applicants from Continents like( Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Americas )became subject to the same requirements starting December 31, 2018.

.This is especially the case during the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected opening hours for Visa Application Centres (VAC) around the world and led to a temporary exemption for temporary residents applying from within Canada.

 This process is to allow foreigners to come into Canada.

The Canadian Biometric system of screening is the verification of an individual’s identity, which enables the authorities to run required background and security checks. 

    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) says that biometrics makes it easier for immigration and border services officers to thwart individuals who stand or pose a threat to the safety and security of Canadians.  

 It also helps officials Authenticate travelers’ self-identity and makes processing applications easier and clarifies access for legal travelers.

Statistics to be obtained for the Biometrics for immigration to Canada includes the following:

  •  electronic fingerprints.
  • A digital photograph.
  •  Personal details of an applicant as listed on the biographic data page of the applicant’s passport.

Biometrics Fees

The enrollment fee for Biometrics immigration to Canada in addition to the Canadian Visa application fee is $85 CAD per person And $170 CAD per Family.

 The payment of Biometrics for immigration to Canada must be done whenever an applicant provides a biometrics application.

Where Is Canadian Biometrics For Immigration Carried Out?

If you’re outside Canada there are over 137 Canada-authorized Visa application Centres in 95 countries, where an applicant can carry out his/her Biometrics immigration.

Applicants applying online or by mail will need to get a Biometrics Instruction Letter from Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and bring a copy of it to their nearest VAC.

Who Needs The Biometrics For Immigration To Canada?

Most applicants ask the question of who needs to apply to Canada though there are few exceptions the following Category of applicants would need to undergo the Biometrics screening before traveling to Canada :

  • A work or student permit (this excludes Us citizens)
  • Permanent residence
  • A visitor visa
  • Refugee or asylum status
  • Permit extension for work or study.
  • Visitor Record(An extension of your stay in Canada.)

Biometrics Exemption

The following categories of persons aren’t expected to go through the Biometrics for immigration In Canada:

  • Any child under the age of 14
  • Adult applicants over the age of  79
  • Plenipotentiary/Diplomats embarking on an official travel
  • The royal family(Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, and any member of the Royal Family.)
  • Visiting Forces Art(Members of a country’s forces are exempt from biometrics.)

How To Apply For Biometrics To Immigration To Canada? 

The following are step-by-step procedures to follow to enroll or apply for biometrics to immigrate to Canada:

  1. Payment Of  The Biometric Fee:An applicant needs to pay the designated biometrics fee. This is the first step to take when enrolling for Biometrics in Canada as payment validates the processing of applicants.
  1. Collect The Biometric Instruction Letter:After paying the designated biometric fee. An applicant would get a  letter of instruction giving necessary guides stating you need to turn in your biometrics and also stating where you can go. The biometrics letter will be asked of you when you give your biometrics.

Getting the biometric instructions letter depends on how fast you apply and pay for the biometrics.

  1. Visit An Official Biometrics Collection Service Point: you must visit any Canadian official biometrics collection service point to give your biometrics in person.
  1. Make An Appointment: To conclude your biometrics for immigration to Canada you need to book an appointment once you get your biometric instruction letter.

How Long Is The Biometrics Information For  Immigration To Canada?

The biometrics for immigrants to Canada is given once every ten(10)years.

If you’ve never given your biometrics before or it’s been more than 10 years you’ll need to visit the closest biometric center.

What To Bring/Documents For The BIometric Exercise?

After getting your appointment for the biometrics screening of Canadian immigrants Applicants should bring the following documents:

  • Biometrics information letter which confirms your scheduled appointment time.
  • Travel Valid documents which include your passport.

How Does The Immigration Biometrics To Canada Work?

The biometrics verification depends on your entry into Canada either through Major airports or Land ports.

  • Major Airports:At Canadian airports, travelers will go through an identity verification at a Primary Inspection Kiosk by having their fingerprints verified against those collected at the application stage to ensure that the person seeking entry is the same person who was granted a visa or a permit to travel to.
  • Land ports:immigrants will be subjected to the biometric verification that is referred to as immigration or secondary Check.

Benefits Of The Immigration Biometrics.

  • According to the Canadian Immigration Authority the use biometrics to confirm your identity.
  • make it more difficult for someone to forge, steal or use your identity,
  • resolve problems or errors that may happen if your name, date of birth, and/or place of birth are similar to those of someone else, and
  • confirm your identity the next time you apply, so it is easier for you to re-enter Canada

Knowing the whole Biometrics procedure and requirements to Immigrate To Canada

Big Trails to all applicants.

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