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Canada Marriage Visa Application: Family (Spouse) Requirements.

 Canada is among the most famous cities in the world for immigrants, so it’s no surprise that they receive multiple applications each week from people wishing to live and work there.

A Spouse Visa is one of the most common applications processed by the immigration office.

Spousal Visa application in Canada is the procedure by which a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their partner to come to Canada and live permanently.

I realize how significant it is for families to be together in Canada. As a result, applications for spouses are prioritized.

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How To Apply For Canadian Spouse Visa.

Both the sponsorship application and the permanent resident visa application should be finalized and delivered at the same time.

The Case Processing Center oversees the sponsorship application. If the sponsorship is authorized, the application for a permanent resident visa is brought to the Canadian Visa bureau. sponsor for the spousal type of visa should take the following steps:

STEP 1: Download an application package 

 from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

STEP 2: Ensure you Fill out all of the forms. It is important to note that there are different forms and documents needed for both the sponsor and the spouse or common-law spouse.

It is also critical that the sponsor and applicant accumulate as much proof to confirm the validity of the marriage and also include it with the rest of the documents.

STEP 3: After accumulating all of the necessary documents, pay the visa fees. The sponsor should then mail the sponsorship application, along with the spouse’s permanent resident application, to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for review.

Extra charges or documents may be demanded. If all of the required documents are submitted, the application will be forwarded to a Canadian visa office for further computation.

STEP 4: Wait for the sponsorship approval decision to be taken at a Canadian visa bureau. There may be a demand for an interview.

Once the visa is approved a residency card will be offered.

 Types Of Spouse Visa.

Spouse Visas are classified into two types: inland sponsorship visa and outland sponsorship visa

1. Inland Sponsorship Visa:

 To be eligible for an inland sponsorship visa, the foreign spouse or partner has to be a temporary resident of The country, which could be as an employee, undergraduate, or tourist. 

Candidates may be eligible for an open work permit, allowing them to work for a Canadian employer while their application is being analyzed.

 This may help to avoid issues that could arise if an existing visa comes up for renewal before the sponsorship process is completed.

2. Outland Sponsorship:

 The Outland sponsorship categorization pertains to when the foreign partner lives outside of Canada.

While the sponsored individual may still be able to travel in and out of Canada while the application is being processed, which can be done through the visa bureau in their country or permanent residency card.

Canadian Spouse Visa Requirements.

Here are the following requirements an applicant must meet before being granted a spousal visa.

  • The relationship must be long-lasting and sincere.
  • The marriage must  have been consolidated in good faith and love and must not have been attained to obtain Canadian citizenship.
  • The couple must plan on living in Canada together. If the sponsor is a Canadian citizen living outside of Canada, they must demonstrate that they plan on returning.
  • The Partner must be able to support and cater to the needs of the applicant without relying on external funds and therefore must sign documents to supply for all of the applicant’s basic necessities.

 For a period of three years following the arrival of their spouse in Canada.

  • Instantly upon arrival, the foreign national/applicants must conduct health and character tests.
  • The sponsor must be allowed to sponsor a foreign national.

Time Duration For Spouse Visa Application Process.

The average processing time for both inland and Outland Canadian spouse visas is 12 months. It is essential to mention that this average processing time cannot be secured and will differ depending on the case.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there have been negative reviews that the timeframes for spousal sponsorship in Canada are too long.

There are, however, other options and steps that can be taken to see your spouse sooner than the time it takes for this to complete.

Now you know all about the requirements for a Canadian spouse visa, Types, and Time duration following the right tips and guidelines, it can be hassle-free. 

Have you tried applying for a visa before, how was the experience? Tell us in the comment section below.

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