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How To Apply For Canada Work Permit

Have you ever considered applying for a Canada work permit? If this is the case, you should be aware of the necessary prerequisites and qualifications for obtaining a work permit in Canada.

Working in Canada is also an important stepping stone for those looking to permanently relocate to the country.

A Canada Work Permit is one of the more common applications that the Canadian immigration office processes.

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In this article, I’ll walk you through the entire process of applying for a Canadian work permit.

An Overview Of  Canada Work Permit

A Canada Work Permit allows eligible foreign nationals to work in Canada for a set period.

Only after receiving a job proposal or employment agreement from a Canadian employer should individuals apply for a Work Visa.

The employer must acquire an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada), which allows them to bring in foreign skilled employees for areas of work that cannot be occupied by Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Canada, as one of the nation’s top economic systems, is an excellent option for people seeking employment abroad. The Canadian Work Permit Visa allows employees to work in Canada, including entrepreneurs, permanent workers, contract employees, instructors, and many others.

Applicants must customarily have an employment proposal at stake, before applying for a work permit.

 Application  Process For Canadian Work Permit

Procuring a Canadian work permit is generally a two-step procedure. Most applicants will need an employment contract before they can pertain for a Canadian work permit.

Step One

In the overwhelming majority of instances, the first process toward acquiring a Canadian work permit is to apply to Employment and Social Development Canada for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) (ESDC). 

Typically, the Canadian company must conduct household hiring practices and show that no Canadian permanent residents or individuals are right for the role at hand.

Step Two

After receiving an optimistic LMIA, the job seeker can extend for a Canadian work permit.

Until a worker has an open work permit, work permits are employer-specific. Before undertaking some other profession in Canada, a worker must acquire Work Permit if they want to switch jobs. Canadian work permits are also time-limited.

Types Of Work Permit In Canada

To work in Canada, most people require a work permit. So, if you apply for a work permit in Canada, you may be qualified for one of the following:

1. Employer-Specific Work Permit

An employer-specific work permit allows you to work in Canada by the terms of your work permit, such as

  • The contact/name of the particular organisation for whom you can work.
  • Job period
  • The place in which you can work (if applicable)
  • Work Description
  • Before you can apply for an employer-specific work permit, your employer must provide you with the necessary information.
  • a duplicate of your contract of employment
  • A print of a labour market impact analysis (LMIA)
  • an employment offer number (for LMIA-exempt workers)

Your employer must use the Employer Portal to obtain this number.

  • If your employer is exempt from using the Employer Portal,
  • If your employer doesn’t have to use the Employer Portal to submit a job offer, they must provide you with a printed version.

2. Open Work Permit

You can work for any employer in Canada with an open work permit. Because this permit is not job-specific, applicants are not required to complete a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or provide an official offer from a company that has reimbursed the compliance fee. except one of the following:

  • On the list of employers who have ceased to abide by the terms, are enumerated as unfit for work.
  • Strip show, overtly sexual dance, escort services, or seductive massage services regularly

General Eligibility Requirements When Applying For Canada Work Permit

  • Provide evidence to an official that you will leave Canada when your Work Permit expires.
  • Have proof that you have sufficient funds to cover yourself and your household all through the period of your stay in Canada
  • Have no prior convictions and provide a police clearance certificate as evidence.
  • You pose no threat to Canada’s stability.
  • Must be in good health and willing to undergo a physical check if necessary.
  • Have no intention of working for an employer who has been listed as unqualified by the government due to failure to meet specific prerequisites.
  • Have no intention of working for a company that provides pornographic dance, model escorts, sex scenes, or erotic spa treatments.
  • You must be prepared to provide any documents requested by officials to be eligible.

What Documents Are Required To Apply For A Canadian Work Permit?

The documents needed for a Canadian work permit will vary depending on the type of permit you are applying for. As part of their work permit process, applicants may be required to submit the following documents:

  • Application forms approved
  • Clear evidence of Canadian citizenship (if applicable)
  • Actual evidence of status from a member of the family (if applicable)
  • Evaluation of the Labor Market’s Impact (if applicable)
  • Employment contract in writing (if applicable)
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resumé
  • Declaration of Marriage (if applicable)
  • Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) (if applicable)
  • Evidence that you achieve the job requirements
  • A true copy of your passport
  • A duplicate of your educational credentials
  • Medical exam outcomes (if requested)
  • Confirmation of economic ability to remain in Canada and return to one’s nation of origin
  • Deposit of all relevant mandatory fees
  • Passport-sized pictures taken recently

Time Duration Of Canada Work Permit

The time duration for a work permit application is dictated by the level of the work permit and the claimant’s current home country.

Timeframes can vary between a few weeks as well as several months.

Benefits Of Applying  For Canada Work Permit

Applying for Canada has many advantages, and it is critical to understand these advantages before progressing with your Canada work permit application.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Canadian labour regulations dictate that places of employment are fully secure and that all employers abide by specific rules and regulations to make sure their workers’ well-being.
  • Furthermore, Canadian wages are competitive, and foreign citizens are legally obligated to be provided earnings comparable to their Canadian peers.
  • Some Canadian work permits allow workers’ spouses and kids to join them in Canada.
  • Another major benefit for those seeking permanent residency in Canada is that gaining Canadian work experience may boost a foreign national’s qualifications for an amount of Canadian permanent residency programmes.


I know this article was helpful and has clarified all you need to know about you applying for a Canadian work permit.

Now you can start preparing for an application without Hitches and making the whole process stress free.

Do you have questions or suggestions?do well to drop them in our comment section.

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