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How Can I Write The Perfect Letter For A Canadian Job Application?

Before we delve into the topic, let us define what a cover letter is. It is a concise document written in order to respond to a particular job prospect and addressed to either the department or the individual who is in charge of hiring for the position. 

Since you are searching for a Canadian job, you have to know how to write a cover letter suitable for the Canadian job market. This is the reason for this article, we are here to provide you with tips on how to write a perfect Canadian cover letter.

Please if you must secure a job in Canada, you should be able to write a perfect cover letter, it is mandatory for all professional job applicants, therefore let’s get to it.

How I can write the perfect cover letter for the Canadian job market?

The first step is the greeting, ensure you personalize it for the job.

Most people do not see the opportunity that lies in the greeting section. In the past, a lot of people do not miss out on addressing your cover letter as  “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager.” Please, by all means, you should avoid this, instead, with just a little research, you should be able to find the name of a hiring manager in charge.
If it is on LinkedIn, for example, it’s usually the person who posted the job while on Randstad, the name of the recruiter is on the bottom of each job listing. Personalizing your greeting is an indication that you put some effort into doing so. A greeting to the company’s name can suffice if you can’t find a name.

The second step is the introduction stating why you want the job.

This is the point where you introduce yourself but briefly, and explain your reasons for applying for the job. You have limited space, less than a page, therefore, do not waste it with pleasantries, and saying unnecessary things about yourself, just go straight to the point in explaining who you are and why you want the job.

Don’t forget to mention the title of the job In this section, also make sure to mention the name of the job title and company you’re applying to in this section. If you write a generic cover letter, hiring managers can spot it from a mile away. Not personalizing your cover letter is a sign that you’re using an identical cover letter for all your applications. 

The third step is the body of the cover letter where you state how you are qualified for the job.

This is where you can talk a little more about your qualifications. For instance, if you are applying for the position of an accountant, explain the past accounting roles you’ve held, and possibly the relevant accounting software you’re familiar with. Well, keep it conversational while at it because nobody would love to read a laundry list of past jobs you’ve held. Be creative about it, tell them how the previous jobs you mentioned can be of assistance to the present role you are applying for, this will set you apart from the rest. 

Please note that this section should not exceed a paragraph or two, this is because hiring managers have a lot of cover letters and resumes to look at, therefore,  the more you can say in less space, the better for you.

The final step is the conclusion which includes thanks and follow-up. 

At the conclusion of your cover letter, you should say thank you to the hiring manager. If you have extra contact info, you can include it here. For example, let’s say that you have a digital portfolio, attach a link – just ensure that it is short and easy to type.

In addition to this, let the hiring manager know that you will be following up with a phone call or email. This goes the extra mile to show them that you are interested in the role. 

Finally, when you are done, sign off with your name.

Are there additional tips to keep in mind when writing a cover letter for Canada?

  • Personalization gives a good impression about you, hence, why you need to be specific about the job, company, and how your qualifications suits the position.
  • Your cover letter should under no circumstances spill onto 2 pages, therefore, shorten it if your cover letter is running onto 2 pages.
  • In all you write, do not go overboard, don’t try sounding smarter than you are. Avoid the use of extravagant words and saying things you know nothing about. It is preferable to be clear than to use a word wrongly and look unserious.
  • Endeavor to be creative. We will like to reinstate that hiring managers read a lot of cover letters, therefore, make yours a little different by distinguishing yourself from the crowd.

Is a cover letter for Canada always needed?

In a situation whereby you were referred by an employee of a company — you may not necessarily need a cover letter. Nevertheless, writing a  Canadian cover letter for each job application is the best way to prove that you understand the position and how your skills and experience are the most suitable for the position. 
Understand the values and vision of the company, and then elaborate shortly on how you can come into the picture, and be of assistance to increase productivity. By so doing, you will make a strong first impression and secure yourself the job you desire.
Summarily, always keep it in mind whenever you are writing a perfect cover letter for Canada that there’s a three-pronged approach to doing this.

The first is to clearly introduce yourself, and the job which you are applying for.

The second is to let them know that your skillsets are in accordance with the requirements mentioned in the job description.

Lastly, summarize the reasons why they should perceive you to be the perfect candidate and then invite you for an interview but avoid sounding pushy.

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