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How Much Do IT Entry Level Jobs Pay? (The Simple Case Study And Overview)

Are you interested in working in the information technology industry? you’re likely propelled by a longing to spend each day doing work you enjoy while working and earning a living.

We have good news: IT careers are among the highest-paying sectors in today’s labor market.

The ongoing demand for tech workers, combined with competitive pay, makes information technology a very promising career path. What are the best entry-level IT jobs to pursue?

And where do you begin when attempting to break into the tech industry?

Because the industry is so fast-paced and dynamic, there are several smaller businesses and tech start-ups to look into for entry-level employment opportunities.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the IT industry, for instance, offer a variety of specialized services and usually offer consultation services and technical positions.

In this article, I’ll be giving an overview and case study On IT Entry Jobs and how much these jobs pay.

Case Study And Overview Of IT Entry Level Jobs.

An IT entry-level job is primarily created or specified for recent graduates of an IT discipline and does not typically require previous knowledge in the field or career.

These positions may necessitate some on-site training. Many IT entry-level positions are part-time and do not provide employee benefits. 

IT Entry-level positions are typically filled by recent high school or college graduates. These jobs are almost

 certain to necessitate specific skills, comprehension, or expertise.

How Much Do IT Entry Level Jobs Pay?

In this article, I’ve evaluated eight distinct entry-level IT salaries and job categories to help you decide which is ideal for you in your chosen career.

Our study indicates some fascinating and surprising findings that you should look into.

So, if you’re looking for the best entry-level IT salary options, this guide is for you. You’ll discover information about various entry-level IT salaries and what to expect if you choose any of them below.

You can be optimistic that I conducted extensive research in this field.

1. Web Designer And Developer:

A web developer contributes to the design and construction of a website’s overall structure. There are two kinds of web developers:

  • Front-end designers/developers.
  • Back-end designers/developers.

Front-End Designers/Developers:

To develop quality and appealing web contexts for clients, front-end developers merge a design concept and user accessibility with practical coding skills in web-related translations.

Back-End Designers/Developers:

 A back-end developer is a type of web developer who designs a website’s logical back-end and data system management program.

Requirements Of A Web Designer And Developer.

 A personal website and profile to provide evidence to prospective employers. In addition, having strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as web development credentials, can vastly enhance your chances of getting a job.

The annual salary range for entry-level IT web developers: $36,830-$81,750.

2. IT Support Technician/Specialist:

An IT technician/specialist is primarily in charge of the configuration, installation, and troubleshooting of a company’s hardware and software.

An IT support specialist can provide a variety of services, including:

  • IT network support expert
  • IT user support expert

An IT network support specialist’s job is to evaluate networks, perform maintenance, and troubleshoot network problems as they emerge.

An IT user specialist’s job is to work with clients to pinpoint and resolve issues. They also assist in the installation, fixing, and mentoring of end-users who are being incorporated into new computer hardware, software, or materials in general.


A high school diploma is required, as well as some prior technical experience. However, based on the job, a two or four-year university degree or an aspect of technical qualifications may be required.

The salary range for entry-level IT support specialists: Annual salary range: $30,550-$56,401.

3. Administrator of Network Systems

Network systems administrators are in charge of managing an organization’s networks daily. Assisting in the organization, installation, and maintenance of a company’s computer systems, which include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets, as well as other data communication systems.


Bachelor’s degree in computer/information science or a related discipline is required. Some employers may only need a postsecondary certificate or an associate’s grade.

The annual salary range for entry-level network system administrators: $49,830-$84,961.

4.  Information Security Analyst:

Information Security Analysts

An information security analyst assists companies safeguard their computer networks and systems from any aspect of cyber hazard. They do this by launching firewalls that protect computer networks.

Requirements :

A bachelor’s degree in computer programming, information verification, computer science, or a related field. Some employers may require that you have an MBA in information systems.

Information security analyst’s salary range: $55,560-$98,350 annually.

5. Software Developer:

Developers of software

A software developer, on the other hand, evaluates users’ needs and priorities to create, develop, and test software to meet those needs.

Requirements :

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is required. Actual evidence of credentials from the Institute of Electrical Engineers’ Computer Society will also increase your chances of employment.

The yearly income range for software developers is $59,870-$101,790.

6. Database Administrator(DBA):

The administrator of a database (DBA)

DBAs are in charge of managing databases containing financial data, customer records, and other information.

They also handle authorizations, boost efficiency, test systems’ modifications, and guarantee that firm data is safe and upheld properly so it cannot be disrupted forever.

Database Administrators should have powerful expertise in Structure Query Language(SQL) and enterprise data system contexts are required.


 Database administrators must have an acknowledged qualification in Microsoft or Oracle.

Database administrators receive an annual entry-level IT salary of $48,480-$100,250.

7.  IT System Analyst:

They assist enterprises in researching new technologies and determining how to integrate them into existing systems.

They also perform a cost-benefit analysis to ascertain if such technological advances are economically sustainable and therefore would profit the companies.

Requirements :

A Bachelor’s degree in computer systems assessment, computer information systems (CIS), computer science, management information systems (MIS), business intelligence, or a related field of study is required.

IT systems analysts can expect to earn between $53,750 and $87,000 per year.

8. Computer Programmer:

Computer programmers have the responsibility to take cues, frequently formed by developers and software engineers, and transform them into reality and illusion by writing and testing code for computer and software applications. 


As a computer programmer, you will need to understand computer languages such as C++, Java, and others.

The average annual income for computer programmers is $84,280.

Entry-level IT incomes can give you enough economic independence you and your family are looking for, irrespective of age or professional qualification.

Do you think a career in information technology is right for you now that you know how much an entry-level IT job is worth?

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