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How To Create The Perfect Express Entry Profile For Canada Immigration.

The Express Entry system is an immigration program that anyone who is interested in immigrating to Canada should have heard of.

We will define it as the most well-known, effective, and successful immigration system that was specifically made for skilled and semi-skilled workers who have an interest in immigrating to Canada.

Before applying for Express Entry, you must first carry out an eligibility assessment to figure out if you are eligible to apply through Express Entry. Once you succeed in carrying out this test, you will be at peace with yourself knowing that you have met the needed requirements for the Express Entry program you desire to apply for. 

Now, you must try as much as possible to do a perfect job in creating your Express Entry profile, this is because the Canadian government will through the online Express Entry profile, check if you are qualified to immigrate to Canada.

Oftentimes, people think that it is quite difficult to create an Express Entry profile than it really is but if you pay attention to the necessary step-by-step guide to the Express Entry application process, you will discover that your profile will have an edge over others thereby giving you better chances of being selected.

The first procedure is to take a language test

We all know that Canada has two official languages which are English and French, therefore, as an applicant, you must prove that you can speak either of the official languages effectively if you are applying through any of the skilled immigration programs that are part of the Express Entry system.

The only way you can prove this is by sitting for and completing a language test that is government-approved, and the test result must be included in your profile.

The second procedure is to ensure that your foreign education credentials are evaluated if necessary.

You must get a credential assessment and have your diploma evaluated if you are an applicant who happens to school outside of Canada.

The essence of this assessment is to ensure that your foreign education meets up to the standard of similar Canadian education.

This is a mandatory criterium for applicants who desire to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), nevertheless, it is not mandatory for you if you are applying under either the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). 

Moreover, we advise that you get a credential assessment if you schooled outside Canada regardless of the Express Entry program you are applying under because a successful assessment can improve your chances of being selected in no small measure. 

The third procedure is to strive to find out your National Occupation Classification (NOC)

Another criterium you must meet as an applicant for you to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry system successfully is to prove that your work experience tallies with the description of an occupation that is in Canada’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) database.

Below are the types of work experience that you are permitted to apply for immigration under the Express Entry System as an applicant, therefore, you should take note of them:

  • Skill Type 0 (Management Jobs)
  • Skill Level A (Professional Jobs)
  • Skill Level B (Technical Jobs and Skilled Trades)

The fourth procedure is to determine if you are eligible for Express Entry Immigration

On the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website, you will find an online tool there, and this tool can be employed in assisting you as an applicant in finding out whether you are qualified to use the Express Entry system or not. In fact, if you must create an Express Entry profile, you must make use of this tool, and for you to utilize this tool, kindly take note of the following:

  • You must have taken a language test before usage.
  • You must have the ability to identify the National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill type or level under which you will be eligible to apply.

The fifth procedure is to build your Express Entry profile

Before we delve into creating your Express Entry profile, you should remember that we discussed using the online tool to figure out if you are eligible to apply for Express Entry immigration. If you happen to be successful, you can now create your Express Entry profile.

There is certain information that is required of you as an applicant, and it is expedient that you provide answers to them in your Express Entry profiles. They are

  • You must provide your age and name
  • You must provide your Contact Information
  • You must provide a detailed description of your educational history
  • You must provide a comprehensive description of your work experience
  • You must provide your language proficiency
  • You must provide let them know the factors that will help you to adapt to life in Canada
  • You must be able to define the structure of your family
  • If need be, you will be required to provide the information about your spouse or common-law partner.

In addition to this, here are certain documents you must have handy for you to complete your profile, and they are;

  • You must have either your passport or travel document
  • You must have the code and title of the occupation, and they must perfectly tally with your work experience under the database of the National Occupation Classification Database.
  • You must have the results of your Language test.
  • You must have the results of the Foreign Educational Credential assessment if need be.
  • If a Canadian employer has offered you a job, you must present a copy of a written job offer.
  • If you have been issued a provincial nomination then you must present proof of provincial nomination for PR.
  • Upon the successful use of the online tool, you will present the personal reference code issued to you by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The sixth procedure is to submit your profile

We believe that if you have been following our step-by-step guide, then you must have completed and provided all necessary information on your profile by now. If that is the case, then you can go ahead and click the submit button, once you do that:
  • You will a number which is your Express Entry profile number, and
  • You will receive a code which is your job seeker validation code

 You will be required to provide these numbers as an applicant; These 

  • When you are registering for a Job Bank (this has been explained below)
  • When you have obtained nominations for permanent residence from a provincial or territorial government.

If your profile meets the requirements for the Express Entry,  and also the criteria for one out of the three Express Entry Immigration programs, then, you will be placed into the Express Entry candidate pool.

It is good that you note that successfully entering the Express Entry candidate pool is not an assurance that you will be automatically issued and invited to apply for permanent residence. 

Nevertheless, you will be allocated a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)  if you successfully enter the pool and it is only if your score meets up with the minimum score already set by the Immigration Minister during that particular draw that you will be invited to apply for Permanent Residence. 

The seventh procedure is to register with a job bank if necessary

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Job Bank registration is no longer compulsory for Express Entry candidates.

The eighth procedure is to constantly update your information, if necessary

If as an applicant, you find yourself in any of the scenarios below, you are expected to update your Express Entry profile:

  • If there are changes in the nature of your work experience
  • If you sit for another language test and obtain new test results
  • If you get a new educational diploma.
  • If there are changes in your family structure as a result of birth, death, marriage, divorce, or a child in the family is no longer a dependant

Here is yet another important point that you should note; that an Express Entry profile is valid for just a year, however, it is possible for an Express Entry profile to become invalid even before the expiration of one year and this can happen under the following situations:

  • If as an applicant, you no longer meet either the criteria skilled immigration program or the necessary Express Entry 
  • If as an applicant, you have been invited to apply for permanent residence. 

Moreover, any candidate that fails to respond to an invitation to apply for permanent residence will see their profiles become valid again because an Express Entry profile remains valid even if a candidate updates the information on his/her profile. Nevertheless, if a candidate does not receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence after one year, the applicant’s profile will be deleted from the pool.

Finally, if you adhere to our step-by-step guide, you will create a perfect Express Entry profile with ease.

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