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How To Move To Canada As A Skilled Worker.

Have you considered moving to Canada as a skilled worker? And you don’t know the procedures and requirements of making this big step?

This article is an ideal one as it states all you need to know if you’re under the category of a skilled worker.

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An Overview Of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP).

Canada was the first country in the world to implement an unbiased points-based system for admitting skilled immigrants.

This was accomplished through the establishment of the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). For the majority of Canada’s history, immigrants were chosen based on subjective factors such as their country of origin. 

The FSWP is still a huge success for many immigrants and Canada as a whole.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Pursuing Immigration To Canada Through The FSWP:

Step 1: 

 Determine whether you are eligible for the FSWP. CanadaVisa gives an unrestricted eligibility checker.

Step 2: 

Submit your Express Entry profile to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s website (IRCC).

Step 3: 

Check to see if you have been issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Every two weeks, the IRCC clenches Express Entry draws.

Step 4:

If you obtain an ITA, submit your completed permanent residence application to IRCC. After IRCC has processed your application, you will be able to relocate to Canada.

Step 5:

All applicants for Federal Skilled Worker status are screened for potential medical and criminal inadmissibility. You must submit proof of a medical exam with an IRCC-recognized panel health care professional with your application.

Furthermore, you must provide a police background investigation (also known as a clearance certificate) from each country in which you have lived for at least six months since the age of eighteen(18). 

The e-application must also include detailed work reference letters from previous employers and must be submitted within 60 days of receiving an ITA.

Requirements/Eligibility Of A Skilled Worker To Move To Canada.

You must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria to be eligible to submit an Express Entry profile under the Federal Skilled Worker Program:

1. Work Experience: 

You must have at least a year of full-time, skilled job experience, or an equal amount of part-time experience. This experience must be consistent and limited to a single occupation. 

You must have worked in a profession at National Occupation Classification (NOC) which are in 3  categories:(0, A, or B) 

  • Managerial jobs (skill type 0)Unskilled jobs, such as restaurant workers, retail and wholesale trade managers, catering services and housing managers, and others, fall under Skill Type 0 (zero).
  • Skill Level A: specialist jobs that typically require a graduate degree, such as Information Technology (IT) occupations, engineering and construction occupations, legitimate occupations, and other occupations under this category
  • Skill Level B: technical jobs and skilled trades that typically require a college certificate or apprenticeship training, such as cooks, handymen, general clerks, retail salespeople, and others.

Part-Time Work Experience:

Your part-time career experience must be paid work, such as salaries or commissions. Part-time work and unpaid training are not counted.

Part-time work can be more or less than 15 hours per week as long as it is estimated to be 1,560 hours. To earn the hours you need to apply, you can work more than one part-time job.

We do not count any hours worked more than 30 per week.

Work experience as a student:

Work experience gained while studying could tally towards your minimum requirements if it was paid by wages or commissions, it has to be continuous (no gaps in employment), and meet all of the other Specifications.

2. Language Proficiency: 

You must pass an accredited language test demonstrating fluency in either English or French. 

The minimum FSWC score is equivalent to the Canadian Language Benchmark Level 7 (CLB 7), but the higher your score, increases your chances of success.

3. Education: 

You must have finished a minimum level of education equivalent to a Canadian high school degree. 

If you obtained your education outside of Canada, you will be given an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) testifying to the worth of your education according to Canadian standards.

4. Federal Skilled Worker Points Grid: 

All FSW candidates must receive at least 67 points out of a possible 100 points on the FSW points grid. The requirements are summarized below.

  • Education (Up to 25 points)
  • Language Skills (Up to 28 points)
  • Work Experience (Up to 15 points)
  • Age (Up to 12 points)
  • Arranged Employment (Up to 10 points)
  • Adaptability (Up to 10

5. Funding : 

You must have adequate funds to finance your Canadian settlement. unless you are currently legally permitted to work in Canada or have a legitimate offer of employment from a Canadian employer.

Benefits Of Moving To Canada As A Skilled Worker.

You may wish to proceed with the immigration process once you have confirmed your eligibility for FSWP or another skilled worker program. There are several advantages to starting the FSWP process sooner rather than later in the case of the FSWP.

  • First, by enrolling in the Express Entry pool, you increase your chances of receiving an ITA. In other words, if you are not in the pool, your chances of receiving an ITA are low.
  • Second, being in the pool allows you to obtain a provincial nomination, which will earn you 600 additional CRS points and proficiently assure you a proposal to permanent residence.
  • Third, being a member of the pool entitles you to extra advantages on the Canadian government’s Job Bank portal. 

These benefits can assist you in obtaining pre-arranged employment, which can contribute up to 200 more CRS points and a better chance of receiving a permanent residence proposal.

  • Your age is an ultimate aspect to consider. It could be, depending on your age it may be preferable to enter the program as soon as possible.

 You get the most CRS points if you are between the ages of 20 and 29. From the age of 30, your point’s potential begins to decline.

Since 1967, the FSWP has assisted many immigrants in realizing their Canadian immigration dreams. You, too, could be one of the many people who immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.

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