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Immigrate To Canada Without Job Offer(How to Obtain Approval)

Canada has many immigration programs for foreign skilled workers who do not have a job offer to immigrate to Canada and it happens that Canada needs immigrants in order to

recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, so the immigration process might be a bit simpler than before.

Canada is one of the most preferred countries for immigrants to get settled as the quality of education and standard of living are apt for a healthy and well-maintained lifestyle.

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Canada is considered to be the perfect blend of tolerant and broadminded people who are open to every culture and opinion that an individual can have.

It is not necessary that you must have a job offer in the country in order to immigrate to this really cool nation as there are different types of documents, visas, and Entry ways one can use.

Here are some of the legal and ethical ways that you can actually use to immigrate to Canada without a job offer. 

1. Educational Programs

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for a lot of students for their higher studies. Because of its exceptional quality of education in universities and easy to achieve international scholarships, Canada is considered to be the “hub of diverse education”.

Every year a great number of students from across the world land in Canada for educational purposes and they do not require any kind of job offer for that.

Canada also promotes higher education for students and that is why almost every university has a specific international scholarship especially focused on international students and their

convenience as it is not necessary that every student will be able to afford them.

There are some universities that even offer fully-funded scholars programs for some of the brightest academic gems. So if you are good in any sort of subjects you can avail yourself

scholarships after passing a few tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and other university scholarship entrance exams.

It is pretty obvious that students who come to Canada for studies later find jobs in the same country and take a step towards becoming a PR.

There are a lot of immigrants who have been living peaceful and prosperous life in Canada. You need to be eligible for a senior education according to the requirements of the university you are applying to.

Keep in mind that it is not easy to afford a great education package as there might be differences in currency conversions.

So if you have a decent amount to spend and you want to immigrate to Canada, this can be a great option for you.

2. The Express Entry System

This is another system that allows a candidate to present his candidature for immigration to Canada.

Skilled labor is the backbone of any economy and that is why Canada has always welcomed such people with open arms.

In order to apply for this system, you need to first ensure that you are eligible and pass the criteria which are necessary.

To apply for an express entry system, you can create a profile online and update all your necessary documents, grades, work experience, etc.

Once you have done that, a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score will be generated on the basis of the information that you have provided.

After you get your score, you will be compared with multiple profiles who have also applied for the same, and on the basis of that comparison, you will be allowed immigration.

There are 3 important programs that fall under the express entry system that you can apply for-

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) – If you are a person with skills in managerial and other professional work and want to make a career in that field then this is the program to go for. You must have the minimum of 12 months of experience in the particular skill and should be certified to work in that position.
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP) – This program deals with people who work in the field of trades, foreign exchange, stock markets and have good command of finances and trading. If you want to migrate to Canada you can easily apply under this section of express entry and if your CRS score holds up against the competition.
  • Canada Experience Class – As the name suggests, if you have ample amount of experience in a particular field and have achieved a lot in your territory then Canada is a great place for you as there are a lot of new opportunities available. If you want to apply in the experience class of both of the above mentioned programs then you need to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in either trade or managerial positions.

3. The Province Nomination Program

Every Province in Canada has to ensure that they have an apt number of laborers, workers, and skilled professionals in order to keep their state away from any sort of shortage.

There are some specific areas of industries that require a lot of workers, especially for some fields in which there is a severe shortage.

There is a particular time when different fields are booming and become the center of attraction for almost all aspiring professionals.

Due to this, there comes a time when some professions are left without appropriate labor, and hence to fill this void every province of the country needs skilled people to handle the vacant jobs.

Every Province might require a different candidate ( depending on the shortage that they are facing) however, there are some common categories based on which people are selected, these are ;

  • In Demand Categories – These are the requirements that a province faces when they are hit with a shortage in any particular field. The professions may vary according to the requirement of provinces and could be anything from a driver to a cook and from a security guard to a nurse. You need to present a suitable candidate according to the profile of work that you are applying for.
  • Skilled Worker Category – This is somewhat similar to the express entry program, except this has a better chance of taking you to Canada. You see when you apply for an express entry you will be competing with a lot of people from across the globe and when you apply to a province directly the competing pool is shorter which makes your chances even more stronger then before and if you have the matching skills then it is another plus for you.
  • International Graduate Categories – When you are studying in a particular university of a particular province, you can apply in this category for permanent residency and the province can help in boosting your chances of getting one, provided that you assure that you will stay and work in that province. For any particular province in Canada their prosperity is an utmost priority and they just can not maintain it if they have shortage of workers.

While applying in any of the above categories please keep in mind that you’re going to compete in a pool of skilled workers from across the world so you must have all the apt qualities in you and you will not require any sort of job offer before you move to Canada.

4. Start Up Visa

Yes, you read that correctly! Canada has been a great country in terms of financial and industrial resources and if you are looking to take advantage of these resources then you can apply for a start up visa.

The eligibility for your startup is that it should add some significant improvement in the economy of Canada as well as open up new doors of jobs and innovation in the country.

As you may already be aware, Canada is one of the most desired countries for professional growth as the work-life balance that you can maintain in this country is so tough to maintain in any other.

You can apply straightly for a start up visa with all the necessary information about your vision and how you can be beneficial for the country of Canada and its people.

It is not at all necessary that you have a running startup but you must have a working plan that you can present in front of the commission.

Also, you must take care that if you have a team that is going to work with you it might be a little tough for you.

Your aim should be to earn profits as well as provide great benefits to the economy of Canada as well as generate new career opportunities for the local people.

5. Family Sponsorship

If you have a family member living in Canada, they can very well help you with your immigration process.

Being a citizen of the nation itself, they can sponsor you for your immigration. The Government of Canada is very lenient about the laws regarding the family and has specifically made this visa in order to make sure that all the families are united.

There are multiple scenarios that can occur and a person living in Canada might require a family member to be around. Family members can be a spouse, parents/grandparents, dependable children, etc.

The family sponsorship also has some of the subsections that you need to ensure to apply accordingly –

  • Spouse and Family Sponsorship – there might be a possibility that you will not be able to survive alone in a country that is completely unknown to you. If you want to take your family members with you, you can easily apply for this sort of visa without it being an issue of immigration. Applications for family visas are treated as priority as the Canadian government has a very nice policy of favoring family reunions.
  • Spousal and Common Law Partner sponsorship – If your spouse has been living in Canada for a while now and has gained the status of permanent resident, you are entitled to get a visa under this section of the immigration rule. Same sex partners are also considered by Canadian government. There are some specific requirements given by IRCC that you must meet. Once you have done that, your spouse or partner ( who has been living in Canada) can sponsor you for your visa through out-land or inland Sponsorship.
  • Dependent Child Sponsorship – If you have parents living in Canada then as a child you will be allowed to stay in the country for the time while your documentations can be completed. You are also entitled to become a permanent resident if you and your parents meet all the necessary requirements of IRCC.
  • Parents And Grandparents Sponsorship – this program can help Parents and Grandparents of a Canadian resident to move in with their children. If you are a Canadian citizen you can sponsor your parents and grandparents to enter the country without any job offer or anything else.

Canada is a very citizen-friendly and interesting country with an absolutely beautiful way of living.

There are a lot of ways to ensure immigration without having a job offer letter in hand.

You can also make use of an agent to ease your stress and also to help you understand more about these immigration ways etc, but finding a genuine and helpful agent who is not after

your money and genuinely wants to help is quite difficult. 

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