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Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) Overview.

The Northwest Territories is a  Canadian territory in the country’s northwestern area. There are several motives to contemplate moving here. To begin with, there are multiple job vacancies. 

The Northwest Territories has the greatest main household revenue in Canada, and its capital, Yellowknife, has an outstanding employment ratio in the country. 

In the year 2014, the Northwest Territories received an estimate of 111 new permanent residents.

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The Northwest Territories is an area where newcomers can anticipate a warm reception while retaining their own beliefs and habits.

As a result of such hospitality, there are several vibrant artistic neighborhoods here.

What Is The Northwest Territories Nominee Program? (NTNP)

The Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an immigration program operated by the Northwest Territories government which is in affiliation with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to hasten the processing of requests for permanent residency.

Northwest Territories Nominee Program is called NTNP. This program allows immigration aspirants with the talent and work background that is in demand by the territory to obtain a Nomination Certificate

The Nominee Program allots to the economic improvement of the Northwest Territories by enticing trained individuals to restore the important labor depletion and ascertain business advancement. 

The Nominee Program can facilitate employers in recruiting and securing foreign workers, as well as aiding foreign workers and their families in solidifying permanent occupancy in the Northwest Territories.

Immigrants assigned by the Northwest Territories may apply for permanent residence through Citizenship and Immigration Canada via the Provincial Nominee program.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada generally processes a nominee’s application for permanent residence more quickly than any other immigration class. 

It’s only Citizenship and Immigration Canada that makes the ultimate decision on individual applications.

 Applicants who are found worthy will obtain a Northwest Territories Nominee Certificate, This certificate will reduce the processing duration for Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa applications. 

You may be qualified for one of three streams under the Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Streams Of Operation By The Northwest Territories Nominee Program(NTNP).

If you want to live in the Northwest Territories you must fit into one of the four categories listed below, you may be able to enter Canada sooner.

1. The Skilled Worker Stream.

2. Critical Impact Worker Stream.

3. Entrepreneur Business Stream.

4. Express Entry Stream.

1. The Skilled Worker Stream:

Employers must apply under this classification and give all necessary documents on behalf of the foreign national they desire to hire. 

The employer must be a known business with a limit of a  year of performance and be inadequate prominence with provincial regulatory units.

Employers must indicate that they have made particular recruitment endeavors and that there is a need for this category of worker via the Labour Market Opinion.

The employee’s job must be in an occupation that is under the  NOC skill levels 0, A, or B, which are administrative, experienced, mastery exchanges, and technological jobs. 

The job offer must be for a permanent or full-time status with a comparable salary.

The foreign national aspirant must have the vital certificates or licensing to execute the job being proposed, and also the proficiency to articulate in either English or French,  which counts on the language needed for their job. 

Aspirants must also have the essential work background for the occupation being offered.

2. Critical Impact Worker Stream:

This stream was built to help employers in the Northwest Territories (NWT) with important labor deficits that cannot be restored by local or Canadian inhabitants. 

It is aimed precisely at workers in semi-skilled and unskilled jobs (National Occupational Classification Skill Levels C and D).

Foreign skilled employees must have specialized in the exact role for at least six months and be insubordination with their momentary foreign worker permit to connect under this stream.

Requirements For The Critical Impact Stream.

  • Have an interim work permit and have operated in the same role for 6 months.
  • Exhibit sufficient monetary or payment backing in the NWT
  • Retain the mandatory work experience for the occupation;
  • Have the proficiency to perform basic transmission in the authorized language of the workplace; and
  • Not be a refugee claimant.

An employer must:

  • Have a job opportunity
  • Identify a likely candidate
  • Be in a favorable position with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission
  • Give evidence of local and national recruitment actions and propose a synopsis of outcomes
  • Attain an optimistic HRSDC Service Canada Labour Market Opinion
  • Be a registered firm, business organization, or, metropolitan, First Nation, or Territorial administration in the NWT that has been enrolled and functional for a minimum of six months.

3. Entrepreneur Business Stream:

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) approves applications under this stream from entrepreneurs and self-employed business holders who want to create a business in the Northwest Territories.

 Enterprises from all financial categories are encouraged to apply and businesses that will inaugurate a fresh commodity or a commodity of substantial usefulness to the Northwest Territories are given preference.

To be competent for this program, the applicant must:

  • Capitalize a minimum of $300,000 in beginning or acquiring a business within the Yellowknife, NWT corporate limitations, or
  • Capitalize a minimum of $150,000 in beginning or acquiring a business that isn’t within Yellowknife, NWT’s corporate limitations.
  • If you are commencing or buying a business outside of Yellowknife, NWT, you must have a confidential net worth of at least $500,000.
  • If you are starting or buying a business outside of Yellowknife, NWT, you must have a personal net worth of at least $250,000 dollars.
  • Have an extra $75,000 clutched in confidence and disclosed upon actualization of the Performance Agreement founded on a career plan.
  • Ascertain an acceptable proficiency and knowledge of the Northwest Territories and their economy.
  • You must be eligible to verify sufficient communication mastery.

4. Express Entry Stream:

The Express Entry stream in the Northwest Territories is specifically for foreign residents who have been approved

 into Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Express Entry Pool. 

This category is only available to candidates who have been approved into the Express Entry Pool and have been given a Job Seeker Validation Code.

Candidates for this category must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be eligible for any of the three federal economic immigration programs: Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, or Federal Skilled Trades
  • Must fulfill all of the ordinances for the Skilled Worker category of the Northwest Territories Nominee Program.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Requirements The Express Entry Pool in Canada
  • Employers can apply to the Northwest Territories’ Express Entry System once the above eligibility criteria have been met.
  • Once you’ve gone through the eligibility standards an employer can pertain to the Northwest Territories’ Express Entry System.

You can immigrate with your family through The Northwest Territories Nominee Program with the category that best suits your needs.

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