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Ottawa Neighbourhoods: Where To Live In Ottawa.

We all know how much everyone wants to live in the best neighborhoods around from a serene environment to a crime-free environment full of life.

It can be hard to find the best neighborhood for you and your family to move to.

 In this article, we’ll be analyzing the City Of Ottawa And its neighborhood to live in.

Where Is Ottawa Located?

The city of Ottawa is located on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of southern Ontario in Canada.

  Present-day research has it that Ottawa Is the second-largest city in Canada and the whole of Ontario province.

Ottawa was formerly known as ‘Ville-Marie’, or ‘City of Mary’; however, the present name of the city Ottawa is gotten from Mont-Royal. The official language of the city is French.

It is said to be the second-largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris. 

Surprisingly, Ottawa has maintained a good position in the list of the world’s most livable cities consistently It is also known as “Canada’s Cultural Capital” given by Monocle Magazine. Furthermore, it is also named UNESCO City.

Ottawa is known for being the center of Technology, pharmaceuticals, Unique Culture, and Tourism.

  The research given by the 2009 preliminary ranking of The International Congress and  Convention Association(ICCA) rated the city as being the number one host city for international associations events in North America.

Ottawa Neighborhoods Where To Live In Ottawa?

If you’re considering living in Ottawa we’ll be considering the best neighborhood to live in.

Ottawans have a high quality of life, despite which neighborhood they live in. It is one of the safest cities in Canada. 

   With numerous job opportunities, a strong construction industry, and a dynamic culture, moving to Ottawa can be a wondrous, exciting experience.

1. Alta Vista: Alta vista is considered to be one of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa known for being a highly residential family building. Designed in the 1960s, with it’s 

Prehistoric homes.

It’s a neighborhood that prides itself on being safe and welcoming.

  Alta Vista is the perfect neighborhood for families wanting larger homes.

Alta Vista is a neighborhood that is made up mostly of single-family detached homes designed specifically perfect for people who prefer a  spacious home.  

One Unique feature of living in the Alta Vista neighborhood of Ottawa is the wide range of schools in the neighborhood from Public Elementary Schools, Public High Schools, And Catholic schools.

Alta Vista has two popular shopping malls which are:Billings Bridge Plaza Shopping Centre and the Elmvale Shopping Centre

 These are easily accessible by land transportation either a private car or public bus. These malls have different stores and are suitable for household shopping and day-to-day basic needs.

When it comes to Health care services the Alta Vista neighborhood has a  large number of doctors, pharmacies, and other healthcare professionals located everywhere.

The Alta Vista neighborhood is known for its Recreational and Social Activity 

These events are run by volunteers and are a big hit in the community.

Alta Vista has a whole lot of parks in the Neighborhood these parks feature play structures, well-groomed sports fields, and plenty of open space for running around and tiring out kids and pets. 

We don’t blame you if you decide to live in Alta Vista, it’s a great neighborhood! This makes it one of the more popular areas in the city. 

2. The Glebe: The Glebe neighborhood is named after the lands (“glebe”) that belonged to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (circa 1837). The glebe stands out to be a great neighborhood to live in.

Known for its historic homes and tree-lined streets The Glebe seamlessly combines the old and the new for a unique community experience. 

The neighborhood is known for classic red brick homes with front porches, parks, pathways, great schools, and amazing shops. 

The Glebe neighborhood Ottawas is inviting to live in from the great parks in the neighborhood, The live music festivals,  create a bountiful harvest of local music, right here in the Glebe.

If you feel like eating Indian, Mexican, Italian, or Gastropub food, we have it – the Glebe’s eclectic restaurant scene has put been put on the map!

The Glebe neighborhood indeed stands out to live in Ottawa.

3. Sandy Hill: Sandy Hill remains an excellent choice of neighborhood to live in  Ottawa. Most especially for young people.

The neighborhood is so attractive because of its easy access to the restaurants, shops, and bars.

The neighborhood has a mix of the wealthy, working-class, new immigrants, and students (the University of Ottawa is located in Sandy Hill). 

Beautiful Strathcona Park on the west bank of the Rideau River hosts open-air plays every summer and is a nice spot to enjoy the sunshine no matter the season

4. Orleans: This is another Ottawa neighborhood to live in.

This neighborhood is known to be a large and affordable suburban neighborhood and known for its appealing nature. 

The creole cottages home, Townhouses, shotgun houses, Double gallery houses can be found in the Orleans neighborhood

There are a whole lot of restaurants and bars all around Orleans.

 The Orleans neighborhood has a large number of schools and recreational activities which makes it an excellent neighborhood for families with growing and school-age children.

The choice of housing is much if you’re considering living in the neighborhood.

5. Barrhaven: This neighborhood in Ottawa Is located on the west side of Ottawa it is a family-oriented neighborhood.

As there are many There are many schools across the neighborhood and

recreational facilities for all ages to enjoy

Neighborhoods in Barrhaven.

This neighborhood is a residential suburb neighborhood for families who want a serene/quiet environment but stylish homes.

 This Barrhaven neighborhood isn’t ideal for someone who wants nightlife hourly and a burly environment.

The neighborhood is known for varieties of marketplaces, wellness centers, auto repair, and legal services.

6. Westboro: This neighborhood is known for its blend of older homes, cafes, and new condos. The neighborhood has a mixture of professionals, retired workers, and families living here.

This neighborhood has the fanciest and trendiest spots such as the Westboro beach and Kitchissippi lookout located on the Ottawa River.

7. New Edinburgh: This Neighborhood Is said to be the city of relaxation and enjoyment.

It has a whole lot of classy restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops.

 The neighborhood is full of detached homes, townhouses and condominiums.

This neighborhood is also where prominent personalities live such as the home of the Governor-general and Prime ministers of Canada.

New Edinburg is filled with a lot of attraction Centres.

Having known most of the Wide range of options of Neighborhood In Ottawa through this article  I’m sure you’ll be able to choose a neighborhood suitable for your lifestyle and your choice.

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