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The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) is aimed at providing a means for foreign nationals who desire to make this wide territory their home to get to the status of a Canadian permanent resident.

The Northwest Territories, nestled in the very north of Canada is widely known to be a vast and beautiful wilderness having multiple thriving small communities.

There are roughly 41,000 residents in over one million square kilometers, yet there is a frequent need for workers in major sectors like energy and resources, mining,  tourism, transport, construction,  and others.

Out of the three territories in Canada, the Northwest Territories is the most populated of them with the capital called Yellowknife which serves as an essential economic, administrative, and cultural hub for the area. Yellowknife, regardless of its size and remote location, provides excellent medical services, a range of schools, cultural amenities, telecommunications and cellular coverage, an airport including the kind of infrastructure you would expect to see in regular cities, and also have the only public transit system in all three territories.

There are two programs under which the NTNP accepts applications and the streams under each of them are targeted towards foreign nationals with relevant/specific skills and experience:

  • Northwest Territories Employer Driven Program:
    • Entry Level/Semi-Skilled Occupations Stream
    • Skilled Worker Stream
    • Express Entry Skilled Worker Stream
  • Northwest Territories Business Immigration Program:
    • Business Stream

Northwest Territories Employer Driven Program

Express Entry Skilled Worker Stream

The purpose of creating the Northwest Territory Nominee Program Express Entry Stream for Skilled Workers is to nominate Express Entry candidates who succeeded in meeting the eligibility conditions for the Northwest Territories’ Skilled Worker stream.

As a foreign national, if you have been accepted into the federal Express Entry pool, it means that you may be qualified to apply to this Express Entry Stream for Skilled Workers.

Skilled Worker Stream 

This NTNP Skilled Worker Stream permits individuals who have been issued an offer of employment in a skilled position from a Northwest Territories employer to get nominated by the Government of Northwest Territories.

In addition to this, if you are an applicant, make sure that you have worked in the position in the Northwest Territories for at least 6 months already.

Entry Level/Semi-Skilled Occupations

The NTNP Entry Level/Semi-Skilled Occupations is targeted at assisting the Northwest Territories Government in helping employers fill shortages for entry-level jobs when they are unable to find a Canadian citizen locally or nationally that are fit for the position.

Furthermore, if you are an applicant, make sure that you have worked in the position in the Northwest Territories for at least 6 months already.

Business Immigration Program

Business Stream

The essence of the NTNP Business Stream is to target foreign nationals who show the capacity to start, acquire, or invest in an existing Northwest Territories business that may be of economic benefit to the Territory and also create jobs.

Why should I choose the Northwest Territories?

Sincerely, not everyone will settle for a  remote location and environment as their first choice for their new Canadian home. However, this is a territory to consider judging by the numerous rich opportunities in diverse and exciting industries.

In reality, getting a job offer from abroad to work in a more populous province can be very tasking. Nevertheless, the Northwest Territories, as we earlier mentioned are in great need of talented workers from across the globe, and you know what getting a job offer here would mean, it could lead to the opportunity you and your family are looking for to reside and work in Canada.

Finally, we have exhausted all that you need to know about the Northwest Territories Nominee Program and we hope that with this information, you will have no difficulty immigrating to Canada through this means.

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