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The Top 8 Canada Immigration Discussion Forums

It is one thing to plan on moving to Canada but it is another and very important to know the best Canadian immigration discussion forums to join because this will surely make it easier for you.

You may want to ask how you can know the best discussion forums to join for your immigration to Canada judging from the fact that you can find so many immigration discussion forums online, some are genuine, while others are fraudulent.

Truthfully, you cannot trust the kind of information given by some immigration discussion forums, and most aren’t so active as you’d expect them to be. That being said, we would be giving you the top 8 best Canada immigration discussion forums in this article and help you to avoid all travel inconvenience.

However, we must first discuss why immigration discussion forums are essential…

What is the essence of Immigration Discussion Forums?

Even though traveling to Canada is an amazing experience that no one wants to jeopardize, but there are lots of people who experience issues with their visa application which are usually:

  • As a result of failure in essential immigration tests
  • As a result of lack of the required immigration documents
  • As a result of lack of knowledge of the type of visa that is most suitable for their travel purpose
  • And others…

From the aforementioned reasons, you can agree with us that all these are basically due to lack of the vital information required for their travel purpose. That being said, the aim of Canada immigration discussion forums is:

  1. To network
  2. To foster discussions about immigration 
  3. To obtain travel assistance and support

Joining a Canadian immigration discussion forums will expose you to various sets of people, you will connect with both those also looking to migrate to Canada as you and those that are residing in Canada already.

Important note: Do you know that sometimes, more than anywhere else, information is gotten quicker in online immigration forums. Why is this so?

Let us take, for instance, you’re a student looking to study in Canada, you will most likely be interested in getting a scholarship in Canada to help you with your studies.

Such information is always posted regularly on immigration discussion forums, and only registered members can get these updates.

Another important fact that you must take note of is that the information or update shared in the Canadian immigration discussion forums is usually valid for an average of 30 days, therefore, make sure to put into consideration the time in which such content was posted.

What are the top eight best Canada Immigration Discussion Forums?

We have listed below the top 8 best Canada immigration discussion forums for your travel:

  1. Reddit
  3. Canada Visa forum
  4. IMMIgroup
  5. Immiboards
  6. Visa Place
  7. My Consultant

The first best Canadian immigration discussion forum on our list is Reddit

Talking about one of the best discussion forums for your migrating to Canada, Reddit should come to mind. It is known to be a registered community made up of millions of users, participating not just in content creation but also in disseminating information about Canadian immigration across the members.

The second on our list for the best Canadian immigration discussion forums is

Irrespective of the fact that is well-known for anything that has to do with immigration around the world, however, it also has a particular forum designed for anyone who wants to move to Canada.

In this discussion forum, the central immigration discussions you’ll get to see are ones about general immigration to Canada, work permit update, and work visa. We highly recommend this forum for people who are looking to move to Canada for work-related purposes.

The third on our list for the best Canadian immigration discussion forums is Canada VISA Forum

It is safe to call this discussion forum homemade as a result of where it is situated.

It is notably one of the best Canadian immigration discussion forums, with its head office situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Visa Forum not just gives information on Canadian immigration but also assists its members in choosing their best option to immigrate to Canada with express entry.

Also, this discussion forum is very active and you will find an average of 30 posts daily.

The fourth best Canadian immigration discussion forum on our list is IMMIgroup

The IMMIgroup discussion forum is based in Canada just like the Canada Visa forum. Its head office is situated in one of the leading Canadian cities which is Toronto.

IMMIgroup concentrates on conversations that aim at helping applicants solve Canadian immigration problems and they are known to be Toronto’s most experienced regulated Canadian immigration consultants.  

However, the disadvantage of depending on just this Canadian immigration forum is that they cannot be said to be active in giving out information as it has an average of one(1) post daily.

The fifth on our list for the best Canadian immigration discussion forums is Immiboards

This is popularly known as one of the best Canadian immigration discussion forums for people intending to migrate permanently to Canada.

The objective of this forum is to assist people who have the intention of applying for Canada PR (Permanent Residency). Although they give out a few pieces of information but be rest assured that you will be enlightened with the very little they give.

The sixth on our list for the best Canadian immigration discussion forums is Visa Place

Are you looking to go to Canada for site seeing? This is notably the best Canadian immigration discussion forum for you. Here, information about how to obtain a Tourist Visa in Canada, the period of issuance of a Visa, and many others.

The seventh on our list for the best Canadian immigration discussion forums is My Consultant

If you fall under the category of people who have heard so much about Canada and wish above all things to be there, therefore,  would just want to be updated on the daily events that take place in the country.

It is a forum where everything about Canada is discussed ranging from news about:

  • Politics
  • The most recent investment opportunities
  • Employment opportunities and trends in Canada

In addition to this, they also provide you with guidelines on how you can pass immigration tests in Canada and a host of others…

The eight on our list for the best Canadian immigration discussion forums is

This forum is most suitable for people who do not like bulky information because, in the forum, easy ways of obtaining a visa are discussed while making sure not to bore you with some cumbersome details.

Finally, Canada is no doubt,  a very great place to visit, but the inability to secure a visa might be painful. The essence of the aforementioned Canada immigration discussion forums is to solve at least 60% of your immigration issues. We are eager to know which of the aforementioned immigration discussion forums you will be joining.

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