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The Top Sixteen Most Common WES Canada Questions & Answers

First of all, WES in this context stands for World Education Service and we are not oblivious of the fact that a lot of people have questions pertaining to  WES and how the answers to these questions relate and influence your immigration to Canada. 

These questions most times center on basic login information, issues that you may be confronted with when filling out a WES Canada form, and lots of others.

With this article, you do not have to wait anymore to know the updated timelines for your WES Canada processing mail, and also the appropriate way to tackle your school’s inability to send out needed documents.

That being said, let us take a good look at the top 16 Common WES Canada questions and answers that may be ravaging your mind. 

The first question on our list is: How Do I Get My WES Requirements?

The requirements needed for your WES is dependent on the following:

  • Your educational status (whether you have completed it or are still in progress)
  • The type of education
  • The country you had/have your education
  • The name of the institution
  • The name of the certificate or diploma
  • The country that your academic accomplishments will be related to as a result of their standards.

The second question on our list is: How Do I Know My Country of Education?

It is important that you note that the country where the institution that issued you your degree is situated is considered your country of education for your WES Canada credential evaluation application, however, if you are still confused about this, you are free to seek assistance  by contacting the WES customer service team

The third question on our list is: How Do I Locate My WES Reference Number?

Upon completion of your online application as an applicant, you will be issued a reference number, and note that this is an essential part of your WES application process.

To locate your WES reference number, you should first log into your My Account, then locate the top part of your user dashboard.

In addition to this, you can still find your WES reference number in your Order History in your Account Menu.

The fourth question on our list is: How Long is My WES Payment Valid for?

Interestingly, you do not have to bother about any expiration dates because the WES will not delete your application files on the basis of inactivity.

You can forward all required documents at your convenience, nevertheless, processing and reviewing of your documents can only be done when all needed documents for the application have been submitted.

The fifth question on our list is: Will WES Evaluate All of My Credentials?

Note that the WES Canada only evaluates academic credentials obtained from institutions that it considers acknowledgeable in different countries.

Furthermore, you will not be assessed for your trade qualifications, an occupational course of study, or any other short-term professional programs.

The sixth question on our list is: Does WES Canada Accept Electronic Transcripts?

The answer is yes, however, they do not accept electronic transcripts directly from applicants, it must be forwarded by an authorized source such as your school of study and this source must be vetted. 

Another important fact just to be on the safe side is to have one of your institution’s reps contact the WES, and choose Other in the list of categories found in the contact form. 

 The seventh question on our list is: Can My Application Be Translated to Another Language by the WES?

The answer to this question is no, the WES Canada does not provide translation services for applicants, and it is expected of you to submit all the needed documents in English, though you may have to submit in French in some cases.

The eighth question on our list is: How Do I Tackle Mistakes when Uploading My Documents to My Account?

It is not out of place to have mistakes in your WES account especially if you left it inactive for a long period of time, therefore, if you encounter any error when uploading your documents to your account, the best thing to do is to try logging out and in back to your account; then upload the documents again.

In a case whereby the error continues, it means that the kind of file you want to upload is not compatible or is too enormous in size. Also, you are expected to get error messages when the image you want to upload has low quality or is blurry.

The ninth question on our list is: How Do I Submit Other Credentials to My Application?

If you have additional credentials to submit, you can do that in your My Account by clicking on Update Report; and if your evaluation is being processed already, simply submit your request to include other credentials to the WES customer service.

The tenth question on our list is: Is It Possible To Get a Copy of My Academic Records from WES?

The answer is no, WES Canada does not provide copies of an applicant’s academic records, you can get that from your institution of study as stated earlier.

The eleventh question on our list is: Can the WES Assist Me in Requesting For My Documents from My Institution?

The answer is still no, the WES can not request your documents on your behalf from your institution, you have to get across to your institution directly and put all your documents together to be sent directly to the WES and any document sent from your institution of study have to be received in a sealed envelope, signed or stamped across the back flap.

The twelfth question on our list is: How Do I Mail My Academic Documents to the WES

It should be done in a well-sealed envelope as WES will reject any envelope that is opened and without a seal or stamp.

Do not forget to add your reference number at the top, just above the address section on all the envelopes.

The thirteenth question on our list is: How Do I Go About Upgrading My Assessment Report?

There is no need for you to forward your documents again when seeking an upgrade in your assessment report because it is transferred alongside your upgraded application.

Moreover, you will only be asked to forward additional documents if need be, and they will reach out to you through mail or on your My Account.

The fourteenth question on our list is: How Can I Change My Mail on My WES Account and Assessment Report?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your name on your WES account and evaluation report once uploaded but if you do, you have to contact the WES customer care team to confirm this change.

The fifteenth question on our list is: How Do I Hasten My WES Credential Assessment Process?

To achieve this, you have to make sure that you complete your application and payment submission online; also confirm that all your documents submitted are the needed ones.

The major thing that can delay your evaluation process is if your sending institution is not eligible to send documents electronically to WES but if the institution is qualified, it can hasten the whole evaluation process.

Also, with the use of your My Account, you can always check on your evaluation verification status.

The sixteenth question on our list is: If I Can’t Reach a WES Customer Service Rep via Call, What Should I Do?

Aside from calls, you can always reach the WES for any form of assistance through their online contact form.

In conclusion, we hope that we have been able to provide answers to any questions you may have concerning the WES.

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