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Vancouver Job Market – The Labour Market Structure.

The Vancouver Job Market is just as distinct as its nationality It comprises majorly of Technology, Finance, Agriculture, health, Arts, and Creative industries.

Research shows that Vancouver’s economy is thriving, many employment solicitors find it impossible to get jobs. Why is the issue of lack of job opportunities keep arising in Vancouver? What’s the labor market like in Vancouver?

That’s one out of some other questions this article will answer in fragments.

Vancouver is said to be the largest city in British Columbia. It is highly reputable as the most ethnically eclectic city in Canada surrounded by its mountainous region and Creative exhibitions. As a result of the  elevated cost of living and unemployment 

Vancouver is known as being an expensive place to live in.

Although the Vancouver job Market is mixed, there are leading industries that are climactic in the innovation of job vacancies for the populace. These major industries include High Technology, Education, Manufacturing, and Health.

Earning a job in any of these industries mentioned above is highly active or competitive.

Guess What? There is good news about industries that are presently in need of competent workers in Vancouver.

Such as the technology industry is presently encountering skills scarcity but only the eligible and well-informed ones can succeed.

Facts About Vancouver Labour Market.

Here are a few things to know about the Vancouver Labour market and job structure.

1. Thriving Economy:

Vancouver is the dwelling to the country’s substantial seaport and the western end of the transcontinental highway. Vancouver being  British Columbia’s biggest city, and being the third-largest municipality in Canada, Vancouver is an important passage for trade across the Pacific Ocean. 

For Vancouver to evolve trade and business intersection for goods and services,  Columbia is aiming to consolidate its ties with Japan, China, Korea, and India, therefore establishing extra job vacancies in Vancouver.

2. Competitive Labour Market:

The labor market in Vancouver has been very active for experts since the Vancouver region already has sufficient highly-competent graduates.

 In contemporary years the Vancouver economy has been thriving though, as a whole lot of multinational corporations, firms, and companies have their bureau in Vancouver. As a result, you must be ready to strive for job vacancies with highly skilled Canadians.

3. Hidden Job Vacancies:

In Vancouver, a lot of employment vacancies particularly for high-ranking status are hidden and are not publicized on job outlets, employer websites, or social media fora. 

Instead, a lot of roles are advertised orally, referrals, networking, or recruitment methods. This is a particular reason you shouldn’t rely solely on social media platforms when searching for job opportunities. 

4. High Demand In Technology Jobs:

Despite the numerous industries in the labour market, The technology industry supersedes all other industries Vancouver’s tech sector persists to see growth and heightened desire for tech talent.

Vancouver In-Demand Job In The Labour Market.

In-demand jobs indicate a greater probability of employment by so many people.

In-demand jobs can imply that several corporations need little individuals, or that a few companies need various or many people with those abilities only if your skill is very professional.

 There are still going to be more applicants than vacancies. “In Demand” just means that there are some opportunities, it plummets way short of ensuring a job for everyone with those abilities.

Leading in-demands jobs in Vancouver:

  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Systems Engineers
  • IT Project Manager
  • Data Scientists
  • Developers (web, software, mobile)
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • IoT Specialists
  • Security Professionals (data, information, network, systems, cloud)
  • Recycle workers
  • Solar installers
  • Artists and Entertainers
  • Health care workers
  • Retail workers etc.

Highest Paying Jobs In Vancouver Job Market.

If you want a buoyant lifestyle in Vancouver there is a need to have a well-paying job here is a compilation of some of the highest-paying jobs you can locate in Vancouver with their Standard annual/Yearly salaries.

1. Surgeons:

Surgeons are the highest level-paid workers in Vancouver. On standard, they attain around C$478,000 per year, which is a surplus of 7 times the city’s average.

For most people, it’s not surprising that surgeons rank number one on the list of highest-paid positions in Vancouver.

After all, they put in numerous years and infuse a lot of money upfront of schooling before they start developing, so they deserve to be well reimbursed for their time and achievement.

2. Medical Director 

Medical directors in Vancouver earn an annual salary of $327,000 CAD

3. Lawyer

Lawyers in the job market of Vancouver have  The Average Annual Salary of  $325,000 CAD.

4. IT specialist

The Average Annual Salary for an IT specialist is $321,000 CAD.

5. Bank Manager

The Average Annual Salary for a Bank Manager is  $315,000 CAD.

6. Artists

Artist and entertainers earn an Average Annual Salary of $300,000 CAD

How To Get A Job In Vancouver Labour Market.

When checking on how to get a job in Vancouver, the biggest barrier for job seekers is a work license.

And because of how competitive the labor market is in Vancouver you need to follow the right process to secure a suitable and well-paying job.  To overcome these restrictions, you should clasp to the following:

  • Establish a strong resume and cover letter that stands out.
  • Ace your Career field.
  • Discover skills that are most in-demand in Vancouver 
  • Revamp your LinkedIn outline and relate with recruiters in Vancouver.
  • Do not prohibit your job search to social media strategies.

Top Companies in Vancouver, Labour Market.

Technology Companies:

  • Orbital Technologies
  • Eventbase Technologies

Finance Companies:

  • Insurance Corp. of British Columbia
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • WorkSafeBC

Transportation Company:

  • TransLink (South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority)

Technology Company: 

  • iQmetrix
  • Amazon Canada Fulfilment Services, ULC
  • StemCell Technologies Inc


  • University of Northern British Columbia


  • PNI Digital Media.
  • AbeBooks Inc.
  • – Vancouver Film Studios

Natural Resources Company:

  • Bc Hydro

Real Estate:

  • Oakwyn Realty

Work Permit In Vancouver Labour Market.

Having a work permit in the Vancouver labor market is necessary.

This permit, nonetheless, is only credible for the specific work position you accepted a contract for when applying for the work permit. That means, if you want to alter jobs, you will need to apply for a new work permit.

Now you are aware of everything concerning the Vancouver labour market you’ll be ready to go into the labour market.

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