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What Are The Best Province To Work As A Nurse In Canada?

Since the Covid-19 plague struck the world, the demand for immigrant healthcare workers in Canada including nurses has increased drastically. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason why there are numerous working opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Research shows that about 500,000 workers are 55 years old and above, what does this imply? It simply means that these set of professionals are expected to retire in years to come, thereby leaving the nursing positions empty.

Having said that, demands for nursing professionals that will earn up to  $20 to $30 hourly are increasingly on the high side, therefore, if you’re seeking to fulfill your dream to work as a nurse abroad, you should take the right step now. 

Nevertheless, before you can start working, you need a Canadian work visa first as an immigrant. If you have your work permit ready, you can proceed to apply for nursing jobs in these provinces listed below where nurses are in demand:

Below are the list of the best Canadian provinces to apply for nursing jobs in Canada.

1. Manitoba

Manitoba is a central Canadian province, and one of the top provinces in need of nurses. In April 2021, a report by CBC shows that there is a huge problem in Manitoba as a result of the shortage of nurses. In fact, due to the pandemic, the number of vacant nursing positions has even doubled.

If you take a close look at different job sites, you’ll see a lengthy list of nursing jobs in Canada, especially in Manitoba. The government of Manitoba province is in search of nurses who can work at healthcare facilities and other hospitals where Covid-19 patients need medical attention.

The salary is one you wouldn’t want to trade for anything because an average registered nurse earns $37.11 hourly, and it is bound to increase as the province continues to battle with the shortage of nurses.

Irrespective of the fact that the salary is rewarding, for you to become a nurse in Manitoba will not be an easy thing. You must meet the province requirements, aside from completing the Canada work visa requirements, you have to complete the advanced practice nursing education.

Though it takes a lot of work to become a full-fledged Canadian nurse, nevertheless, it is worth the hassle. Once you succeed, you will become a member of the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP), thereby being entitled to numerous benefits such as life insurance and medical care, amongst others.

2. New Brunswick

Here is yet another Canadian province where you can apply for nursing jobs. New Brunswick is also battling with the same challenge similar to Manitoba which is the shortage of nurses even before the pandemic took place.

John McGarry, the board chair of Horizon which is the province’s largest regional health authority in June 2019, announced that Horizon would need to employ about 320 nurses yearly for 5 years to resolve the issue of lack of nursing staff in the healthcare facilities, and this demand increased when Covid-19 pandemic occurred.

As a result of the lack of nurses, New Brunswick has declared the Nursing Resource Strategy through which they provide nursing jobs to foreign or immigrant nurses. Furthermore, this is a 10-year program whereby the province publishes the names of internationally educated nurses.

Due to the low immigration rate in New Brunswick, they accept immigrants pretty faster than any other Canadian province. This means that you have a higher chance of getting accepted if you consider New Brunswick when looking to be a nurse in Canada.

Aside from the aforementioned reason, the New Brunswick province needs a lot of healthcare professionals to improve its growing economy. In addition to this, nurses can earn at least $28 hourly, but this depends on the type of nursing job and healthcare facility.

In the hospital, the working schedules are comprised of four shifts around the clock and four shifts off the clock. But for nursing facilities such as elderly care homes, have eight hours of work daily for five days.

3. Nova Scotia

It may seem as though nursing jobs in Canada for foreigners are rampant across the country, and Nova Scotia is not left out from where there is also a deficiency in nurses.

The reason for this is no other than the Covid-19 pandemic and additionally, the other is that many nurses are leaving their profession, thereby making it seemingly difficult for the province to fill the positions.

Over the years, this province has provided a lot of work opportunities in the province’s healthcare facilities for immigrant nurses.

Nova Scotia has been employing nursing graduates as a result of the shortage of nurses, as a bachelor’s degree holder in nursing, you can earn about $38 hourly, which is about 4.5% above the national average.

Moreover, Nova Scotia’s health authorities and nurse organizations are more likely to employ professional nurses from other countries as a result of their work experience. The president of the Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union, Janet Hazelton, made a report stating that employing just fresh graduates will not be enough, because it will take time to train them.

There are certain requirements you need to present before becoming a nurse in Nova Scotia, such as a registered nurse certification, your educational background, and work experience. The good news is that they have no nationality preferences, each applicant is individually accessed by an assessment consultant.


Yes, Quebec, the country’s version of France also needs nurses just like other provinces. If you successfully secure a job in this province, you will not just be rewarded, but also fulfill your Parisian dreams.

You may be wondering why it is a place of opportunities for immigrant nurses, Quebec, just like the aforementioned three provinces on the list is suffering from a shortage of nurses as we stated earlier. To solve this problem that has been going on even before the pandemic started, Quebec health authorities are employing foreign-trained nurses.

The hiring of immigrant nurses has heightened five times more than in the past two years according to reports by CIC News. You can earn a minimum of $20 hourly if you work as a nurse in Quebec.

If you have made up your mind to immigrate to Quebec, you can apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), and if you get qualified, you will be issued a permanent residence, nevertheless, just ensure that you intend to stay in Quebec for the long term.

Applying for your work visa

Truthfully, irrespective of these trying times, there are still working opportunities in Canada, especially for nurses. Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec, are the four best provinces. Nobody said it was going to be easy, you will surely face some challenges along the way, but persistence is the key.

Obtaining a Canadian visa is a tasking process, and the requirements alone are enormous, also the process is time-consuming. Do not forget that it is possible, others have achieved this so you can.

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