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How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa For Canada

If you’ve ever imagined what it’s like to live, work, and go on a vacation in Canada, then you should apply for a working holiday visa for Canada. It might just be what you need. 

But one may ask, what’s a Canadian working holiday visa? and how can we apply for it

The Canada working vacation visa, also known as an IEC working holiday visa, allows young people to experience life in Canada.

Continue reading to learn what the working holiday visa is about and how you can apply for it.

Overview Of Canada Working Holiday Visas

A program called International Experience Canada allows you to apply for a working vacation visa for Canada (IEC).

IEC gives young people the chance to travel and work in Canada.

An IEC work permit permits you to work lawfully for 12 to 24 months in Canada.

How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa For Canada

The steps outlined below will walk you through how to apply for a working holiday visa for Canada.

When To Apply

The application procedure has been put on hold as a result of COVID-19. When it reopens, it’s worth getting your profile into the IEC pools as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of receiving a visa.

You can apply at any time of year, but if you want to visit Canada for a snowboarding season, you should apply 12 to 9 months ahead of time.

Important dates and other useful information needed for the application process will be posted on the IEC website.

Check Your Eligibility For The Visa Pool

Using the Come to Canada tool, make sure you’re eligible to apply for an IEC working holiday visa For Canada.

After you identify the nation you are applying for, the website will display the visa choices available for that country.

You’ll need to complete an online IEC profile to acquire a unique code to set up a CIC account once you’ve validated your eligibility for an IEC work visa (see step two).

Create a Profile And Submit It To The Pool

After that, you’ll need to create an IEC profile and set up your CIC account. You can use your CIC account from a prior application for this one as well.

Follow the directions for ‘International Experience Canada’ or ‘Working Holiday’ once you’ve created a CIC account.

You have 60 days to complete this form, however, it’s best if you finish it as soon as possible.

You can submit your IEC profile to the pool once each section is completed. 

Documents Needed For Your Application

Your IEC working holiday visa for Canada application must include the following documents:

1. Biometrics

As of 2018, your IEC application must additionally include your biometrics and fingerprints. 

To do so, go to the nearest Visa Application Center in your place of origin.

 This is not required until your working holiday visa for Canada application is granted. However, it is an extra step to think about while applying for your visa.

2. Police Clearance Documents

You will be required to present a police certificate proving that you have no criminal history and are not a security risk to Canada. 

A police certificate from any nation where you have lived for more than six months is required. If you did a university exchange in another country, for example, you’ll need to present a police certificate from that country.

Other documents you might require include:

  • Digital Photo 
  • Passport  
  • Family Information Form IMM5707 
  •  Resume / CV 
  •  A $100 Open Work Permit Holder cost
  • A $150 participation fee 

If you need to offer any more information concerning your application, there is a ‘Letter of Explanation’ part in the application.

 If you don’t have all of your paperwork ready in time to submit your application (for example, your police check hasn’t arrived), this section might help you explain why.

Within 56 days of submitting your application, you should get your Port of Entry letter (POE) (8 weeks).

How Are The IEC Applicants Selected?

Your name will be entered into a lottery pool after you submit your IEC profile to the pool, and each lucky applicant will be asked to apply for a visa. Each country has a limited number of visas available.

You may find out how many are available in your nation by clicking here. Unfortunately, receiving an invitation is not guaranteed.

You’ll receive an invitation to apply for a work permit in your MyCIC email, and you’ll have to accept it within a certain time frame, so keep checking in.

What Should You Bring When Going To Canada

First of all, congratulations on getting your working holiday visa for Canada!

Your IEC working holiday visa application has been approved, and you’re now ready to board a plane and begin your adventure in Canada.

You must bring a printed copy of the following documents with you to Canada to submit at customs:

  • your travel insurance certificate (valid for the intended duration of your stay)
  • Your letter from the Port of Entry (POE)
  • A bank statement demonstrating that you have CAD 2,500 in your account.

IEC Application Helpful Hints

  1. Before arriving in Canada, obtain your medical. It’s possible in Canada, but it will be costly.
  1. Check all of your paperwork twice, or have a friend or family member do it for you.
  1. All of your documents and letters should be duplicated at least twice. Take one extra copy with you and leave one at home with your family as a backup.
  1. Make sure your CV or resume does not have any holes in it.
  1. The résumé is not intended to be used to hunt for a job in Canada; rather, it is a document used by the IRCC to learn about your movements before submitting your application.
  1. When completing the IEC working holiday application, make sure to complete all form fields. Enter “n/a” or “not applicable” if a question does not pertain to you.
  1. To the planned work/employment questions, remember to add “not relevant.”
  1. Even if you have a job lined up, don’t provide any information about it in these fields.
  1. This is used by the immigration team to check for gaps in the resume that might indicate travel or a job in other countries (and hence a police certificate may be required). 
  1. If you leave blanks, IRCC may require additional information, which will cause your application to be delayed.
  1. If you have multiple papers for a category, use an online converter to combine them into a multi-page PDF.

What Happens When You Get To Canada?

You must be prepared for border services because your visa does not guarantee entry into Canada. 

You will need the following when entering Canada:

  • Your passport is a document that identifies you as
  • Visa confirmation in the form of a printed document
  • Health insurance proof for the duration of your stay in Canada
  • Proof that you will be able to sustain yourself while travelling.
  •  A copy of your bank statement proving you have the equivalent of CAD$2500 (issued no less than one week before your departure) is required. 
  • A ticket to leave Canada or proof that you have enough money to buy one copy of the documentation you used to apply for your visa.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any queries or concerns about working holiday visas in Canada.


Now that you know how easy it is to apply for a working holiday visa for Canada,  I wish you success and hope that your application will be accepted. 

Meanwhile, if you have any questions and suggestions,  please do well to share with us in the comments and subscribe to our website to gain access to daily content.

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